5 Tips on How to Care For Your Dining Room Table And Chairs

Your wood dining table and dining chairs become a part of your home’s design once they are installed. Your dining room is the place where you entertain family and friends with good food and company. You must choose the most beautiful chairs you can imagine for your dining room, and you must look after the table chairs every year to ensure they have long lives.

#1: Clean Them Immediately

Your dining room tables and chairs will get dirty during every meal. Food stains are the enemy of the stain on each furniture piece, and you must clean up the table and chairs when the meal is over. Spending an extra few moments cleaning these items while the dishes are being done is a wise use of your time.

#2: Oil The Table And Chairs Yearly

Take your table and chairs to a ventilated room in the house for a thorough oil job. The oils that are used to treat wood furniture create moisture in the wood that will prevent cracking. Small cracks in the wood that accept the oil will begin to seal up over time, and the wood will be moist enough to last another year. Skipping even one year of oiling could set your furniture back significantly.

#3: Use Cushions And Trivets

Your dining room table is a place where food is served and people sit down. You must put cushions on each chair to reduce the wear on the seat of the chair. Your chairs could receive uneven wear that will make them all look different. Your chairs lose their style and appeal through uneven wear.

The table can be damaged by hot plates and pots you use for serving. Trivets are absolutely necessary during mealtime. The wood on the table could crack due to a sudden change in temperature, and a crack is very hard to repair on the tabletop.

#4: Use The Table Regularly

Do not allow your dining room table to go unused. The table will begin to break down if you leave it be for too long, and the table could become an afterthought in your home. A table that is left to its own devices will break down more quickly than a table you use and care for often.

#5: The Hardware

The hardware used on the table should be tightened and cleaned just as everything else would be. The bolts and screws in the table should be tightened to prevent the table from falling apart, and the pulls on drawers should be tightened to prevent them from falling off. Your table must remain intact if you want it to retain its value.

Your dining room table and chairs are precious heirlooms that can stay in your family for more than a generation. Take care of them using the tips in this article, and watch as the table seemingly does not age. Your home will grow up around a dining room table and chairs that are suspended in time.