5 Tips to Negotiating the Price on an Used Car

Making the decision to purchase an used car is a big step. From getting insurance to buying all the vehicle accessories, there is a lot involved here. Plain and simple, you will be faced with many expenses. That’s why it is so crucial that you try to get the best price possible on the 2nd hand car. Check out five tips on negotiating the price on an used car:


Find out how much it worth the vehicle that you want to purchase.


1. Learn Just How Much the Car is Worth

Before you try to negotiate any prices, you have to know just how much the car you are looking at is worth. Thankfully, there are a lot of different websites that you can skim over which will give you a reliable price. Besides this, though, educate yourself ahead of time to know what people are actually spending on the vehicle you have in mind. Look for successful listings around where you live to get the most accurate price range.


Look for a dealership to receive greatest advice on the matter while purchasing your vehicle.


2. Understand the Dealership You’re Dealing With

Once you know about how much the car you want is selling for, locate an honest dealership in your area. The best way to do this is by talking to some local repair shops and see if they have any recommendations. It’s crucial, though, to do business with a dealership that has their own service department. If the dealer you’re looking at doesn’t have one, you’re in trouble as every dealer has to perform service on their vehicles before selling them. These repair shops tend to see both the good and bad that comes with these used dealerships and can give you the greatest advice on the matter.


Start with a low price and do your research about the market value of the vehicle you want to purchase.


3. Start with a Low Asking Price

It doesn’t matter if you are looking best price to buy 2nd hand cars in Singapore or the United States, you should never be afraid to start out with a low price. You won’t end up insulting the used car dealership, like many people often think. In fact, you’re actually making the dealership realize that you’re not naive. You know exactly what you’re doing. However, make sure you know exactly how much money you are going to offer before you even get to the dealership. Do your research and have the values printed out, in case you need to reference back to them. It’s also very helpful to make it known that you want to pay for the car right there and then. When a 2nd hand car dealer hears that, they tend to be more willing to haggle the price. That’s because you are guaranteeing them a sale.


Inspect the vehicle before purchasing to check the condition of it.


4. Invest in a Pre-Buy Inspection

Very few people realize that the best way to save yourself from purchasing a total dud is by getting a pre-buy inspection. Many used car lots actually offer this option. They will let you call up your mechanic and make an appointment for them to take a look at the 2nd hand vehicle. This inspection is usually conducted during or after the test drive. If you find that your dealer refuses this pre-buy inspection, it’s time to look elsewhere. Remember, if there are items in the car that need repairs, this can lower the used car price. Get a report written out describing what needs repairs and how much that will cost. This will let you know how much money should be shaved off the price.

5. Never Hesitate to Get Up and Leave

Okay, so you have found the car you want but you can’t settle on a price with the used car dealer. Instead of agreeing to pay more than you feel comfortable with, leave the dealership. There are always other dealerships and other vehicles to choose from. You are not tied down to the one right in front of you. If you believe that the price you are willing to pay is fair, then that’s that. Don’t let the used car dealer intimidate you into doing something you don’t want to. If the dealer sees that you’re stuck on your price, this may be all they need to go through with the negotation.


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