Web Hosting Server Colocation Tips

Companies looking for an alternative form of server hosting might be interested in colocation. This is a money-saving option that offers more features than traditional server hosting. It solves one of the most common problems related to hosting by making it possible to upgrade the hardware. In this situation, the host manages the server and takes care of all the maintenance and updates it needs. Since the facility does not own the server, there are some additional challenges, but a few tips will come in handy.

Understanding the benefits of colocation is easy when looking at the actual operation of the facility. A server colocation company rents space in their building to enterprises that need website hosting service. This includes secure rack space or cages, backup power supplies, redundant cooling systems, and 24 hour monitoring. These features are in addition to a direct connection to the Internet and a full-time IT staff. While these features are comparable to hosts that offer dedicated servers, there are distinct pricing advantages for the service since the client still owns the servers. An important tip for finding the right service is to shop around for the right combination of features and prices.


Because a variety of different clients will have a range of equipment installed in the facility, physical security of the building is crucial.


This means having multiple controls in place and limited access points. These often include bio-metric measures that check fingerprints or do retinal scans. Choosing a service that takes security seriously is essential for any organization that will be storing or processing any sensitive data. It would be a shame for a company’s data to be compromised by someone gaining physical access either accidentally or on purpose.

Another key tip is to take full advantage of ownership of the server. If the hosting company is local, this is an easy task. A server can be removed from the rack if its owner wants to make physical adjustments to the hardware, or more likely, they want to upgrade parts. More traditional web hosts rarely change or upgrade the hardware they offer and add extra charges for more robust features. Renting a server and paying extra every month for RAM that improves performance is not particularly cost-effective.

A tip that will help more companies get a better value out of this system, is to take full advantage of virtualization. It is likely to be more less expensive and more efficient in the long run to choose a top quality server with as much RAM and memory the company can budget for network resources. This is because a single server can support multiple virtual private servers to replace the array of servers a dedicated host offers. This is a powerful solution that offers significant flexibility.

Companies that need multiple servers will appreciate the strength and flexibility of colocation services. Even if the server has to be shipped to a remote location to get the right combination of features, this is a valuable resource that gives companies more control and options. These are effective elements for business operations and are worth the attention of every company.

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4 Questions To Ask Before Leasing An Office

A business owner who is looking to project a sophisticated and professional image for his or her company may not want the business out of a home office. Instead, having an office downtown or in the heart of the business district can improve its standing and attract new customers. If you are going to lease an office, what should you know before signing the lease agreement?


✓ How Long Are You Locked Into The Lease For?

The first question that you need to ask if how long the lease is going to run for. Typically, a commercial lease runs for as long as five years. However, you can negotiate a shorter lease term if you aren’t sure if your company is going to use the space for the long-term.

Latest Youth Republic Office Interior Design by KONTRA

Latest Youth Republic Office Interior Design by KONTRA



✓ Ask About Sharing The Office Space

Many smaller companies will share office space with other companies to reduce the rent paid for the office each month. It also allows new or small businesses to network with each other and help each company become stronger. If you are not allowed to share the space, business owners should ask if it is possible to transfer the lease or sublet in the event that your company cannot or does not want to continue using the space.


MTV Office in Berlin

MTV Office in Berlin



✓ What Services Are Provided In The Lease?

Some landlords will give you the space and nothing else. Other landlords will give you the space and provide trash and janitorial services included in your rent payment. If services are not provided in the lease, your company will need to find a way to keep the space clean and looking good throughout the term of the lease. To get the best serviced office (see ServCorp), you need to be upfront with the landlord and aggressive during the negotiation process.

Cool Office Building

✓ What’s The Price Per Square Foot?

The best way to determine if you are getting the best value for your money is to find out what the price per square foot is. A 3,000 square foot space going for $3000 is going to be a better deal than a 4,000 square foot space going for $5,000. This is because at $1 a square foot, the 3,000 square foot office costs less relative to the space that your company is getting.

When leasing an office, you cannot select a space at random. You have to consider the cost per square foot, the services included in the rent and whether or not you can get out of the lease if your business folds or doesn’t remain profitable.

Bright Pastel Office Chair

Bright Pastel Office Chair

Practical Advice for Prospective Law Students

Going to law school is a major move with many far-reaching implications. Perusing a legal education is not only a tremendous money and time investment, but entails enormous opportunity costs. Thus, prudent prospective law students must carefully consider many weighty factors to ascertain the feasibility of attending law school. Below is a basic overview of pertinent points to ponder in order to make when trying to make a quality decision.


Lay a solid foundation for future success

Earning a law degree is the first requirement for occupational entry. As such, strategic law school selection is the largest plank in a solid platform of professional success. Following is a checklist of institutional aspects to examine and analyze.

• Reputation

Conducting independent research to identity top-ranking law schools and their admissions criteria is advisable. Exerting diligent efforts to increase current grade-point-average and achieve high scores on standardised admissions tests are also perfunctory.


• Niche value

Future legal scholars should look beyond name recognition to instructional availability and quality in legal specialty(ies) of interest.


• Educational environment

As academic cultures vary widely, would-be attendees should visit law schools’ websites, contact current pupils, and alumni for maximum insight into intellectual cultural aspects.




Quick-start practical skills development

A part-time job as a paralegal, legal secretary, or even a law firm mail clerk provides valuable hands-on experience and glimpses of real-life lawyering. First observation offers the best input when deciding whether one is a good match for the legal profession.


Practice proactive pursuit

An old adage advises, “The early bird always gets the worm.” This advice is particularly apt in the context of professional career preparation. Hence, it is highly advisable to heed those words of wisdom by preparing and submitting admissions essays and applications far ahead of final deadlines. Once the first-year roster is full, procrastinators and hesitators will be out of luck or stuck on the waiting list.


Keep a low virtual profile

A 2011 report by online magazine “U.S. News” revealed that more than one-third of U.S. law schools investigate applicants via the Internet. This means the best course for the law school-bound is making the lightest possible digital footprint by not making posting potentially offensive, tasteless, and highly controversial posts or graphical content.

Moreover, many employers conduct online research into prospective hires. The last thing a new law grad needs is for some obscure off-color online commentary posted in an unguarded moment coming back after three years of sweat, blood, tears, and legal educational debts.


Drive a hard financial aid bargain

Believe it or not, printed figures on student financial aid proposals are not set in stone. Consider the following case that illustrates the value of negotiation. Afam Onyema is a graduate of an Ivy-league U.S. law school and current CEO of a large non-profit organization. His alma mater’s Financial Aid Office initially offered $2,000 USD in educational assistance for his first academic year in law school. Undaunted, Onyema tackled his first practical exam in persuasive skills before theoretical classroom instruction commenced by documenting several competitive offers. A recalculated student aid award of $20,000 served as very concrete evidence that Onyema passed this test with flying colours.

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How To Clean Your Floors Thoroughly Without Lifting A Finger

Many people do not have the time to sweep or vacuum, and without proper care the floors can become dusty and dirty. Cleaning floors is a tedious and strenuous job that needs to be done regularly to prevent germs and allergens in the home. With a special vacuum system, the job can be done quickly and thoroughly without lifting a finger. The system will glide over the floor picking up the dirt, hair, crumbs and dust making the home healthier and cleaner.

When someone needs a strong suction and a versatile brush system that will clean all floor types, he or she should look for a robot vacuum that is easy to use. Some robot vacuums can be found with special technology that allows the users to never lift a finger to clean. For instance, the Neato Signature PRO is one robot vacuum that allows you to clean effortlessly without leaving a comfortable chair.


Elegant Neato Signature PRO Robotic Vacuum

Elegant Neato Signature PRO Robotic Vacuum

A Neato Signature Pro is an advanced laser guided solution to cleaner floors. It has a powerful suction that cleans the entire floor in every room. It will navigate throughout the rooms cleaning in the corners, close to the edges and around the furniture. The laser-guided system will return to the base to be charged, and then it will continue the job without the help of a human. It can be programmed to clean on a daily schedule, or a button can be pushed for an instant cleaning job. This system comes with a brush system that is great for picking up pet hair and other fibers from the floor. With the special filters, more dust particles can be removed from the home, which can help allergy sufferers. Other brands may offer the same kind of benefits. Therefore, an individual may want to check out other brands on the web to find the one that is right for him or her.


Roomba Robot Vacuums LED Light Paintings

Roomba Robot Vacuums LED Light Paintings

iRobot Vacuum Cleaner (and Looj Gutter Cleaner) – Robots!


A robot vacuum system can be set to clean for 30 minutes or longer depending on the floor size and amount of dirt needing removing. With the auto navigation feature, the system will change directions as needed protecting the furniture and walls. It can be fun to watch as the vacuum glides around the rooms. However, the vacuum can be left to do the job while you find another task to do. In addition, the robot vacuum systems take up very little space in the home. They are compact in size making them easy to store when not in use, and the compact size allows the vacuum to clean in smaller areas such as under beds and couches.

Cleaning floors is no longer a burden for an individual. It can be a fun job when a vacuum robot is used. Cleaner floors mean a healthier home, and when the floors are cleaned without lifting a finger, it is even better. An individual can get the floors cleaned without the hassle of pulling out a heavy vacuum and spending hours cleaning carpet, tile or wood floors.

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How to Use Antifouling Paint Removers

Anti fouling paint plays a critical role in keeping boats in the best possible condition through years of usage in salty or marine waters and while they sit tied to docks. Such coatings ensure that fiberglass hulls don’t become eroded or fouled by marine life, but they don’t last forever.

Eventually, boat owners must re-paint their hulls. Removing old hull paint is a critical step that ensures the new coating has a surface that it can actually adhere to. Here are the basics of how to use paint removers to strip old boats before coating them once again and taking to the water.


Choose an Appropriate Remover

Although it may be tempting to simply pick a remover that is advertised to go through multiple coats of paint in a short timeframe, this strategy doesn’t always work. It’s important to select a product that actually targets the specific kind of paint on your hull for maximum efficacy.

Also remember that certain removers may contain harsh chemicals that can injure skin and soft tissue like the eyes. Always purchase appropriate safety gear prior to opening a bottle of remover.


purchase appropriate safety gear prior to opening a bottle of remover

purchase appropriate safety gear prior to opening a bottle of remover



Test the Remover and Plan the Job

Before starting to strip the entire hull, apply the remover to a small area and test it out. In many cases, people discover that they don’t need as much remover as they thought they would. You may learn more anti fouling system @Cathodic Marine

Planning the work out by dividing the hull into sections can also make it much easier to complete a stripping job in a shorter timeframe or on a limited budget. When working outside, remember that the air may dry the paint remover before it can penetrate all of the layers of paint; work on one part at a time to avoid this problem and save material costs.





Working with Tools

Many removers are designed to be applied to the hull with a roller, brush or sponge and then left to work themselves in for a short time period. Afterwards, the boat owner can scrape the paint off using a putty knife or bladed spatula.

The basic strategy for removing old paint with a bladed tool is to draw the scraper edge over the contours of the hull with one hand. Use the other hand to apply a moderate amount of pressure to the tool so that it moves evenly over the surface. Using both hands is also the easiest way to avoid injuries that could result from the tool slipping as it moves.


Marine Shaver

Marine Shaver


For tougher areas, chisels may be employed to knock off stubborn sections of paint. This strategy should be applied with care so as not to mar the fiberglass surfaces beneath the coating.

Some boat owners recommend working with the same kind of straight-bladed paint remover tools that businesses use to take down storefront window decals. Others try using drywall sanders and screens attached to long handles that let them reach all areas easily and still remain at a safe distance. With most high-quality marine paint removers, however, heavy-duty power tools can be forgone in favor of manual devices.


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Affordable Dive Vacations And Packages To Mabul Island

Mabul Island is a popular destination for scuba divers all over the world. Mabul dive packages give you the amazing opportunity to dive with pelagic species. The dive sites are in shallow waters. This gives you a scuba diving experience of a lifetime. You can also get a PADI diving license @Seaventures Rig Resort and lodges found in the area. Diving in Malaysia gives you the opportunity to witness sea turtles, exotic fish and sharks. If you are not interested enough to get  PADI diving license, then you can snorkel in a variety of areas found on Mabul Island. You won’t find any restaurants on the island, but hotels and resorts provide meals for all guests.


If you would like to splurge on a bungalow that sits over the water, you will find Mabul Water Bungalows a treat. There are a variety of dive lodges and resorts that offer everything you need to scuba dive. Affordable accommodations and dive packages are found at My Scuba Diver, Big John Scuba and Billabong Scuba. If you don’t have your own scuba diving equipment, then you can rent everything you need. Invest in high-quality scuba diving equipment if you are buying your own gear. High-quality scuba equipment will last much longer than cheaper imitations.


Your scuba regulator is the most important piece of diving equipment that you purchase. The regulator should be well-made, because this piece of equipment helps you breathe underwater. Research a variety of top name-brand regulators before you make your purchase. Talk to other scuba divers to find out the best regulator you can buy. Make sure you don’t cut corners on your safety gear and alternate air sources. You can buy a helpful dive computer that you wear on your wrist. This computer is an information management system. The computer displays critical information about your past and current dives.


mabul island
Make sure you get plenty of rest the night before your dive. A relaxed dive will ensure you are breathing normally. You should always dive with a buddy so you can watch out for each other during your dive. Make sure your equipment is adjusted properly. Take the time to test your equipment before you get into the water. Don’t forget to bring your camera so you can take amazing photos of your dive trip. Familiarize yourself with the marine life that is found on the island by searching the Internet before your trip.

Always listen to the advice from your divemaster. Your divemaster is an experienced professional trained in the surrounding waters of Mabul Island. Stay with your diving group, and don’t venture too far away. Scuba diving is a fun sport, but it can also be dangerous in certain conditions. Research diving packages on the Internet for Mabul Island. You can read online reviews from other scuba divers who have stayed at specific resorts. Scuba diving clubs are another good source of information for finding affordable accommodations on Mabul Island. If you book your trip with a diving group, you can save more money.