The Art of Multi-Masking: How to Do It Yourself


Like most people, your skin probably isn’t uniform. Parts of it may be prone to oiliness while other areas may be susceptible to dryness or breakouts. To complicate things further, your skin’s needs probably change from one season to the next. Face masks are designed to tackle specific issues, so a single face mask won’t suffice. Multi-masking is a great way to work around this problem, and doing it yourself is easier than you probably think.

About Multi-Masking

As nice as it would be to use a single mask for all your skincare needs, that’s not the way it works. Most masks are designed to address specific issues. If you use one that’s geared toward combating breakouts, other issues like dryness and oiliness won’t be addressed. Multi-masking works around these problems by putting multiple masks to work at once. Whether they’re mixed together and applied, layered or used to target specific areas, several masks are used to produce exceptional results every time.

Who Should Multi-Mask?

The vast majority of people can benefit from multi-masking because most people have more than one skin issue going on. Unless you only have one major problem to address, you should seriously consider putting multi-masking to work for you.

How to Multi-Mask

So, how does one go about multi-masking? If you think you have to go to the salon or spa for this service, think again. Familiarize yourself with the basics to engage in effective do-it-yourself multi-masking from the comfort of home:

  • Start Gradually – It’s generally best to ease yourself into multi-masking. For your first time, limit yourself to two types of masks. See how they work and whether or not the combination is right for you. After a few weeks, add another mask to the mix.
  • Use Masks to Target Specific Areas – Think of this as the mix-and-match approach to multi-masking. If your T-zone is prone to oiliness, apply something like the Innisfree pore clay mask to the area. Apply different masks to other parts of the face, depending on whether they are dry, oily, prone to breakouts or have other issues.
  • Layer Masks to Address Multiple Problems – If you’d like to go the layering route, apply the most important mask first. It should be the one that targets the most pressing issue. Wait a few minutes, and then apply the second mask. Massage it in, and then let it sit for three to five minutes. Hold a warm towel to your face for a few minutes, or direct steam to the face for a similar length of time. Finally, remove all the masks entirely with a clean, damp cloth.
  • Experiment with Different Recipes – Over time, you can perfect the types of masks you use while multi-masking. This is especially important if you’ll be mixing masks together. The first mask used should promote cell renewal and help to purge toxins. Next, mix in a brightening mask; ePure jelly masks work great in this regard. Finish up with a hydrating or firming mask. Don’t be afraid to deviate from these examples. Everyone’s skin is unique, and it may take a while to arrive at a recipe or combination that works for you.



Improve Your Skin with Multi-Masking

In addition to the advice highlighted above, be sure to always use high-quality masks when engaging in multi-masking. Also, be consistent. By multi-masking regularly, your skin will improve more and more over time. Remember too that your skin’s needs may change throughout the year, so use different masks in your multi-masking regimen to keep it looking great from one season to the next. See also Missha Time Revolution the First Treatment Essence


The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Creating Monster Email Campaigns


A robust email marketing campaign should be an essential element of any marketing strategy. Email can be one of the most affordable and effective ways to build relationships, gather pertinent data, and help boost a business’s marketing ROI. To run a successful email campaign, marketers need to understand what their audience needs. The following tips can help you win at email marketing.

#1. Make sure there are links leading from an email to a landing page. The purpose is to give users an opportunity to sign up. Strong calls-to-action are also essential.

#2. Use as few images as possible. Keep in mind that an email is not a print mail piece. Most recipients won’t see the images in an email. Therefore, images take up space that could better utilized. Use text to convey critical messages.

#3. Make it easy for users to unsubscribe. Some may think it’s counter intuitive to provide an exit for users on your mailing list. However, if a user gets frustrated in trying to remove your email, they’ll likely report your email as spam. This action can count against your sender reputation with email providers.

#4. Optimize your email campaigns for mobile. Mobile use is on the rise, and there’s no stopping it. Emails that aren’t optimized for mobile users are likely to be deleted quickly. Mobile users are on the go. Make your emails count.

#5. Whenever possible, personalize your emails. Those who connect with you via email can appreciate your message if it appears to be one-on-one.

Automating your post-purchase messages is an excellent idea as well. Showing how much you care that a person took the time to make a purchase can help ensure the next sell.

Reliable e-mail hosting in Malaysia can be counted on to provide customers with a powerful and strategic email marketing plan. The ROI for targeted email campaigns can be significant.



Top 5 At-Home Spa Treatments for Men

The spa for men is highly underrated; everyone needs pampering, and after a long day or work week, one of the best ways to relax and prep for the next day is to care for your body through skin treatments and relaxing activities. Whether you’re looking to give a man in your life a special spa day at home or you’re a gentleman who would like some simple yet effective spa treatments you can do yourself the next time you’re craving a bit of R&R, these five tips will surely do the trick.


5. Rejuvenating Bath

A nice soak in the tub is one of the best ways to close out the rest of the world and truly relax for a while. Set the mood with some lightly scented candles and low-lighting, turn on some soothing music and add some drops of essential oils to the water.

e7040ca27da5c907217565ae0ab6b7cfEssential oils such as vanilla and lavender can be found at most supermarkets and health food stores. Exfoliate your skin using a loofah and some of your favorite body wash. Be sure not to relax too much – you don’t want to fall asleep in the water!




4.Facial Massage

It may not be as great as having someone else do all the work, the essentials of men facial care can still be mastered at home. Start but using an exfoliating facial scrub and gently massaging your face.

Rise with warm water. Then apply a hot towel to the skin, just like at the barber’s. Apply essential oils to any face towel and, using hot water from the kettle or directly from the faucet, apply to your face and sit back while the skin and hairs will be softened and prepped for a nice shave.


3. Apply a Face Mask

You can look into recipes that allow you to make an all-natural face mask at home or purchase one from the beauty section of your supermarket. Another fantastic treatment only requires one ingredient – cucumbers. Slice a cucumber and place it over the eyes to help moisturize the skin, reduce puffiness and alleviate dark circles. The cucumber can also be grated into a fine plup and used as an under-eye mask as well.



2. Shave or Care for your Beard

Depending on your facial hair preference, this step will vary. If you’re going for a clean-cut look, then apply a shaving cream or gel that contains aloe moisturizer and leave for two minutes to smooth the skin. Use a clean razor and shave before rinsing with warm water.


If you prefer to keep a beard, you should first make sure that it is thoroughly washed. Just like regular hair, bears should be shampooed and conditioned to retain optimal health and shine. You can then use a wide-toothed comb to remove any tangles, followed by trimming any stray or overgrown hairs.

il_fullxfull.619031995_3dtcYou can then take your beard care to another level by applying some beard oils or balms that will leave the hair smooth and smelling great.


1.Manicure and Pedicure

Nail care isn’t just for women. Your hands and feet should be well taken care of, and you can start off by allowing each of them to soak in warm water for 5-10 minutes. Add a bit of hand soap to help soften the skin and on your feet, use a pumice stone, especially around the heel, to remove dead and rough skin and callouses.

Pumice Stone


Use a file and clippers to trim your nails, press down your cuticles and finally, massage your hands and feet with your lotion of choice.

The key to the best spa treatments involve disconnecting from phones and the outside world and spending some quality time taking care of your body and nurturing yourself. You certainly don’t have to stop at facial care. Cook yourself one of your favorite meals, read a good book and listen to some relaxing music while you sink further into some much-deserved “me time.”


3 Reasons Why Kota Damansara is the Perfect Vacation Destination For Those on a Budget


When you are planning a trip to Malaysia, it can add up. From booking a high quality hotel to securing round trip flights, you are spending money left and right that you wouldn’t normally put out. That’s why if you are on a budget, but still want to visit Malaysia, Kota Damansara is the perfect vacation destination away from the bustle of the city. Check out 3 reasons why Kota Damansara is the ideal location for those looking to book a trip on a budget below:

1. Plenty of Free Things to Do

While airfare and hotels can be costly, that does not even begin to describe all the money travelers tend to put out when away on vacation. That’s why if you are looking to save some cash but still want to explore your surroundings, Kota Damansara is a great place to visit. There, you will be treated to all types of fun, exciting and free attractions. For instance, you can go shopping at The Curve. While you may be inclined to spend money when shopping, you do not have to. Instead, you can just look around at all the shops, while taking in the themed courtyards and streetscape malls. There is also the Telawian Wall Garden which is a big draw in Kota Damansara. This area, full of ferns and a banyan, is very beautiful and visually stimulating. It really does show tourists what makes Malaysia so one-of-a-kind.

2. Affordable Hotels

Obviously when you are traveling away from home, you need to stay in some kind of lodging area. Today, hotels can be so expensive. With each added amenity, you will see your bill increase more and more. Thankfully, though, Kota Damansara is a city that offers luxury hotels for affordable prices. When you stay at a hotel in Kota Damansara, you are getting high quality service filled with everything you could want such as a pool, refrigerator in the room and Internet access without that hefty price tag at the end. A budget hotel in Kota Damansara is definitely a great alternative for those who want to stay in Malaysia but can’t afford some of the bank breaking prices other cities there offer.

3. Delicious Foods 

If there is one thing that Kota Damansara is known for, it’s their restaurants. In fact, Kota Damansara is home to some of the best cafes in all of Kuala Lumpur. What’s so great about Kota Damansara, though, is that these meals and dishes are still very affordable even with the great reputation attached to it. Kota Damansara features all kinds of tasty foods that won’t leave you broke with each purchase. If you’re a coffee lover, you need to check out this complete map of all the cafes in Kota Damansara, which just shows how its well-known for being the coffee destination of the locals.

While practically everyone loves traveling on vacation, it can be tough to pick a spot that is affordable and won’t completely destroy your budget. Thankfully, Kota Damansara is an area in Malaysia that will still treat you to so many great sights and sounds without taking all your money in the process. It truly is the perfect vacation destination for those travelers counting every single one of their pennies.


The Gentleman’s Guide for Starting a Modern Luxury Watch Collection

In every man’s life, there comes a time when he really starts to pay attention to the concept of time and begins to value it. In fact, he starts to value it to the degree that he wants to wear ‘time’ in the form of an attractive wrist piece. Once he’s reached this point in his life, it’s time to start collecting watches.

This process should ideally have a great deal of thought behind. As a savvy and wise gentleman, you should perform some research before choosing your first luxury watch. You’ll need a keen and vast understanding of what’s available out there in addition to picking pieces that reflect your own personal style and character. Naturally of course, you’ll need to consider your financial limitations as well.

Unless you intend to spend anywhere from $7,000 – $10,000, don’t expect to buy a timepiece that’s considered an investment. The point is to buy something that you actually love. But, you’ll have to do your homework first. It’s a shame to spend a substantial amount of money on something that isn’t as valuable as you thought.


What Features in a Watch Do You Want? 

The first thing you’ll have to consider is what features do you really want in a watch. Do you prefer manual (wind up by hand) or an automatic? Do you want a brand new watch or do you like the look and feel of a vintage watch?

There are many other things you’ll need to consider for your watch collection as well.

Like a number of other things regarding men’s attire, it’s better to keep your wrist watch fairly restrained and simple in nature. Not restrained meaning that you should never wear a $30,000 watch, but in the sense you should never wear a gaudy, oversized, super-embellished watch that’s ‘too much’. In fact, a watch shouldn’t be so large that the cuff of your shirt can’t fit over the piece. A huge, flashy watch on somebody else’s wrist staring you in the face is not only distracting, but somewhat garish as well. It literally takes your focus away from what really matters, like the face of the wearer.

Go Vintage and Save Money

Suppose you want to buy your first time piece at a reasonably low price, such as around $500 or less. In this case, going vintage may be the best way to go. Ensure that the vintage piece you’re considering buying has as many of its original parts included as possible, particularly when it comes to things you can visually see, such as the face or the dial. In other words, a vintage piece should look vintage.

The ideal watch for a genuine vintage watch collector is one that’s never been altered in any way or serviced.

Brand New Watches 

Things are somewhat different when it comes to brand new watches. In order to get a good-working mechanical watch for less than $500, check out what standard department stores have to offer. However, you may also buy luxury watches in Malaysia @ CollectorsTime that could potentially include a number of moderately inexpensive time pieces that can suit your personal tastes for your collection as well.

The main thing is to take good care of your watch by keeping it away from strong magnets like buckyballs or big speakers. Even though it’s unlikely, it may shift the pieces around inside. Be careful about exposing your watch to extreme temperatures. Although it’s usually not a problem, contraction and expansion can sometimes mess with the insides of a watch.

Be mindful of the way you actually use your watch in terms of style. It’s not ideal to wear a digital or sports watch with a business suit. It just won’t look right. Having said that, you’ll need to service your new watch, especially if it’s a high-end model. If your watch is brand new, simply take it where you bought it for service. If your vintage piece needs serviced, use an expert in the field who understands the intricacies of vintage watch pieces and the way they work.

Keep adding more and more pieces to your luxury watch collection whenever you can, and in time, you’ll have a time piece for kind of occasion you attend.

4 Tips to Start Riding Like a Pro

No matter how much a cyclist may train, it often seems like the gap between amateur riders and pro riders is insurmountable. The average cyclist may never hit the speeds of a professional or match their pace during a long ride, but there are some simple steps that they can take to make the most out of every ride. Here is a closer look at 4 simple tips and tricks that could help you start riding faster, safer, and more efficiently than ever before.

1. Divide Your Rides

One of the most important skills that a new cyclist can develop is impeccable pacing during arduous rides. Many will hit that halfway mark in a ride only to find themselves almost out of energy. An easy way to avoid this is to start dividing rides into thirds or fourths. By creating benchmarks for a ride or race, a cyclist will constantly be reminded of how much energy they will need to complete the ride at a strong pace without burning themselves out at the start.

2. Pre-Race Cleaning and Maintenance

Those that are getting serious about cycling have no doubt invested in a reasonable bicycle, but failing to maintain and clean the bike will result in a wasted investment. On average, about 10 minutes of cleaning should take place before every serious ride. At the very least, every cyclist should be able to lube their own chains, switch out tubes, and replace all basic components. Comprehensive tune-ups will most likely be needed once or twice a year as the cyclist begins to ride more.

3. Don’t Skimp on Gear

When it comes to shoes, helmets, repair packs, or even or even cycling jerseys in Malaysia, riders should never cheat themselves by going with second-rate products. Even more dangerous is opting for cheap or second-rate safety gear that could result in major injuries or death. All gear should be purchased and tested well before any serious rides and cyclists should be comfortable with their helmets, shorts, jerseys, gloves, and eyewear.

4. Get Comfortable With Group Riding

Once a cyclist has a well-tuned bike, has broken in their gear, and understands the basics of safety and pacing, it is then time to get serious about group rides. Solo cyclists are often surprised to hear that they will burn an average of 30 percent more calories per ride than those that are riding in groups. When it comes to group riding, however, the most important thing is safety. Newer riders can start by riding in the rear of the pack and get an idea about rotations, speed, and other paceline skills.

These few tips are only the beginning when it comes to riding like the pros. Every cyclist should take the time to reevaluate their skills every few weeks and never be afraid to seek out help from experienced riders when they inevitably begin to hit roadblocks.