Bike Helmet Sizing Tips to Get The Right Fit

Your bicycle helmet is your first line of protection against falls, crashes and other incidents. A helmet that is too big will not help you because it can easily fall off your head. A helmet that is too small will cause you discomfort, and it still may not protect you should something happen. Therefore, you must properly size your helmet so that you can maximize your safety and comfort. The following are a few tips to help you buy the perfect bike helmet online:


Figure Your Circumference

Manufacturers base their helmet sizes on the circumference of your head. The circumference is the distance around your head. The best way to measure your circumference is by purchasing a flexible tape measure and starting at an area above your eyebrows. Press you finger down on one end of the tape measure, and then slowly wrap the rest of the tape measure around your head. The reading will tell you the number you need for the next step, which is reading the chart. Not all manufactures us a precise science, so you may want to conduct research on the manufacturer to see if any customers mentioned that the sizes do not quite match.



Read a Helmet Chart

You will most likely find a helmet size chart on any website that sells helmets. Vendors want you to purchase the correct size so that you can remain safe at all times. The smallest helmets in existence are the toddler helmets. Toddler helmets are for heads that are 18.5 inches or less. Small helmets are between 19 inches and 20.86 inches. Medium helmets range from 21.25 inches to 22.375 inches. The chart will explain to you where you fit in as far as size. After you find out your size, you will still need to perform some other tasks to gauge your fit.

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Try Some Helmets

If you are shopping online, then you will not have the privilege of trying the helmet before you buy it. However, you can visit some physical locations and try similar helmets to what you see online. This will give you an idea of whether the fit of a helmet is snug enough for you. A properly fitting helmet will feel snug, but you will still have some level of comfort in it. The helmet should not have much play, meaning that you should not be able to move to either side or to the front or back while it is on your head. Once you find the perfect fit, then you can purchase your helmet online.

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