Malaysia And A Fantastic Road Bike Trip


There are many adventurers that love to take to the bike trails. They enjoy riding and love to see what they can on different trails throughout the world.

Road Bike In Malaysia 

For cyclists, a road bike in Malaysia provides a fantastic getaway and a great adventure that they will always remember fondly. When they take a road bike in Malaysia trip, they will be amazed at what they can find on the trails that will wind around an unbelievable landscape. There is so much to see on the trails, and they won’t be disappointed in what they find.

A Specialized Road Bike 

For many people, a specialized road bike may be the answer to what they are looking for when they want to see Malaysia. With a specialized road bike, there are great ways of maneuvering throughout the trails at a great pace.


Tips For Safety On A Road Bike 

In order to use a road bike properly, a person should first adhere to the safety rules. They should wear a helmet and pads when they want to use a road bike properly. It is also a good idea to wear sunblock or sunscreen to protect the skin from the elements. Carrying a water bottle is also a good idea, as is having extra snacks or sandwiches along for the trip. Having a working cell phone along for the trip is also something that is highly advisable in case of an emergency. Being prepared and safe is of utmost importance so following the rules that they have set for the trails is imperative.

Bikes  ..  8x5.035  Tues.   ellis photo Brendan Mullins, David Zekan, Christina Dans and Brianna Rodberg take a Summer bike cruise down Kanawha Avenue in Kanawha City on a beautiful Monday.

Travel In Groups When Biking It 

It is always a good idea to travel with someone else rather than alone when biking it. There are groups that ride together, which can make for a lot of fun. For people that love to go it alone, it is highly advisable that they be very careful and cautious at all times. It is important to know the route and study the trail before they take off to enjoy it.

Visit USJCycles For More Information 

Visit USJCycles for more information to find out more about the wonderful way to see Malaysia via a bike. It will be an experience that will give you the adventure that you have been seeking. Be sure to take along a camera and a pair of binoculars. You will want to be able to get some great shots of the wildlife and landscape. When you visit USICycles for more information, they will find a resourceful knowledge base for cyclists, and an online store for cycling accessories, bike parts, shoes, helmets, and jerseys. Many people have visited the site with great success so they can taking part in their biking and cycling adventures.

For many that love to bike, a trip to Malaysia will provide them with what they have been looking for. They can book their destination to Malaysia as soon as possible so that they can get in on the fun for their next biking outing.


Vitamins for Hair Treatment and Heath Restoration

Hair loss is associated with certain diseases, hereditary, scalp conditions, stress, overly chemical processing, vitamin deficiency, and aging. According to American Academy of Dermatology, the most common reason for hair loss and baldness is hereditary. Researchers continue to conduct studies worldwide to develop natural and medical treatments. Dermatologists and holistic consultants offer different solutions for restoring hair loss with modern medicines and/or Asian ancient remedies. If you are experiencing thinning of the hair or baldness, start with vitamins for hair growth.

For hair health and growth, there is reliable research to prove the usefulness of vitamin, mineral, and amino-acid complex based on facts provided by The Trichological Society, Orthodox Hair-sciences & Hair-specialisms-World. Besides diseases, aging, and illnesses, hair loss is also related to alcoholism and malnutrition.

Nutrition is one of the protocol treatments, alone with others to help promote hair growth and restoration. A study was conducted of Americans and Asians who experienced hair loss. It revealed more Americans had loss of hair compared to Asians. The source of foods Asians consumed is the reason for less hair loss. Consider good multivitamin supplements for health and nutrition, especially if you don’t consume healthy foods containing essential vitamins and minerals.



Vitamins for Preventing, Maintaining and Restoring Hair Loss

Vitamin deficiency is one of the causes of hair loss due to malnutrition and crash diets. Foods you consume on a daily basis should naturally provide the nutrients with essential vitamins. The vitamins recommended to prevent, maintain, and restore hair loss are;

  • Beta carotene to help support healthy hair.
  • B5 for preventing hair loss and providing strength, body and shine.
  • B1, B2, Niacin & B5 to help nourish hair follicle cells.
  • B6 to prevent dryness of scalp which causes dandruff.
  • Calcium for repairing and restoring hair follicle cells.
  • C to help with production of collagen and maintaining follicles. The antioxidant also protects the cells of follicles.
  • E for cell membranes maintenance of hair follicles, as well as supporting healthy hair.
  • L-Methionine, L-Cystein, and L-Lysine Amino Acids to support and strengthen hair for growth and health.
  • Zinc for producing division of follicle cell.



Foods Containing Vitamins

If you want to consume foods with the daily recommended nutrients, include the following;

  • Beef liver, tuna, fish, clam, tofu, salmon, and mackerel.
  • Spinach, kale, carrots, lettuce, squash, and sweet potatoes.
  • Cantaloupe, apricot, mango, and citrus fruits.
  • Beans, whole grain pasta, soybeans, and bran cereals.
  • Vitamin D milk, soymilk, cheese, and egg yolk.


It is necessary to include foods containing essential vitamins to maintain optimum hair health and to promote hair growth. Multivitamin supplements are recommended by dieticians and physicians if a patient is suffering a deficiency and hair & scalp disorders. You should consult with your doctor before taking vitamins to avoid allergic reaction or excessive consumption. The options for hair loss treatment in Singapore are holistic, medicines, scalp stimulation techniques, and natural. Vitamins are usually incorporated into natural treatment.


The Art of Multi-Masking: How to Do It Yourself


Like most people, your skin probably isn’t uniform. Parts of it may be prone to oiliness while other areas may be susceptible to dryness or breakouts. To complicate things further, your skin’s needs probably change from one season to the next. Face masks are designed to tackle specific issues, so a single face mask won’t suffice. Multi-masking is a great way to work around this problem, and doing it yourself is easier than you probably think.

About Multi-Masking

As nice as it would be to use a single mask for all your skincare needs, that’s not the way it works. Most masks are designed to address specific issues. If you use one that’s geared toward combating breakouts, other issues like dryness and oiliness won’t be addressed. Multi-masking works around these problems by putting multiple masks to work at once. Whether they’re mixed together and applied, layered or used to target specific areas, several masks are used to produce exceptional results every time.

Who Should Multi-Mask?

The vast majority of people can benefit from multi-masking because most people have more than one skin issue going on. Unless you only have one major problem to address, you should seriously consider putting multi-masking to work for you.

How to Multi-Mask

So, how does one go about multi-masking? If you think you have to go to the salon or spa for this service, think again. Familiarize yourself with the basics to engage in effective do-it-yourself multi-masking from the comfort of home:

  • Start Gradually – It’s generally best to ease yourself into multi-masking. For your first time, limit yourself to two types of masks. See how they work and whether or not the combination is right for you. After a few weeks, add another mask to the mix.
  • Use Masks to Target Specific Areas – Think of this as the mix-and-match approach to multi-masking. If your T-zone is prone to oiliness, apply something like the Innisfree pore clay mask to the area. Apply different masks to other parts of the face, depending on whether they are dry, oily, prone to breakouts or have other issues.
  • Layer Masks to Address Multiple Problems – If you’d like to go the layering route, apply the most important mask first. It should be the one that targets the most pressing issue. Wait a few minutes, and then apply the second mask. Massage it in, and then let it sit for three to five minutes. Hold a warm towel to your face for a few minutes, or direct steam to the face for a similar length of time. Finally, remove all the masks entirely with a clean, damp cloth.
  • Experiment with Different Recipes – Over time, you can perfect the types of masks you use while multi-masking. This is especially important if you’ll be mixing masks together. The first mask used should promote cell renewal and help to purge toxins. Next, mix in a brightening mask; ePure jelly masks work great in this regard. Finish up with a hydrating or firming mask. Don’t be afraid to deviate from these examples. Everyone’s skin is unique, and it may take a while to arrive at a recipe or combination that works for you.



Improve Your Skin with Multi-Masking

In addition to the advice highlighted above, be sure to always use high-quality masks when engaging in multi-masking. Also, be consistent. By multi-masking regularly, your skin will improve more and more over time. Remember too that your skin’s needs may change throughout the year, so use different masks in your multi-masking regimen to keep it looking great from one season to the next. See also Missha Time Revolution the First Treatment Essence


Top 5 At-Home Spa Treatments for Men

The spa for men is highly underrated; everyone needs pampering, and after a long day or work week, one of the best ways to relax and prep for the next day is to care for your body through skin treatments and relaxing activities. Whether you’re looking to give a man in your life a special spa day at home or you’re a gentleman who would like some simple yet effective spa treatments you can do yourself the next time you’re craving a bit of R&R, these five tips will surely do the trick.


5. Rejuvenating Bath

A nice soak in the tub is one of the best ways to close out the rest of the world and truly relax for a while. Set the mood with some lightly scented candles and low-lighting, turn on some soothing music and add some drops of essential oils to the water.

e7040ca27da5c907217565ae0ab6b7cfEssential oils such as vanilla and lavender can be found at most supermarkets and health food stores. Exfoliate your skin using a loofah and some of your favorite body wash. Be sure not to relax too much – you don’t want to fall asleep in the water!




4.Facial Massage

It may not be as great as having someone else do all the work, the essentials of men facial care can still be mastered at home. Start but using an exfoliating facial scrub and gently massaging your face.

Rise with warm water. Then apply a hot towel to the skin, just like at the barber’s. Apply essential oils to any face towel and, using hot water from the kettle or directly from the faucet, apply to your face and sit back while the skin and hairs will be softened and prepped for a nice shave.


3. Apply a Face Mask

You can look into recipes that allow you to make an all-natural face mask at home or purchase one from the beauty section of your supermarket. Another fantastic treatment only requires one ingredient – cucumbers. Slice a cucumber and place it over the eyes to help moisturize the skin, reduce puffiness and alleviate dark circles. The cucumber can also be grated into a fine plup and used as an under-eye mask as well.



2. Shave or Care for your Beard

Depending on your facial hair preference, this step will vary. If you’re going for a clean-cut look, then apply a shaving cream or gel that contains aloe moisturizer and leave for two minutes to smooth the skin. Use a clean razor and shave before rinsing with warm water.


If you prefer to keep a beard, you should first make sure that it is thoroughly washed. Just like regular hair, bears should be shampooed and conditioned to retain optimal health and shine. You can then use a wide-toothed comb to remove any tangles, followed by trimming any stray or overgrown hairs.

il_fullxfull.619031995_3dtcYou can then take your beard care to another level by applying some beard oils or balms that will leave the hair smooth and smelling great.


1.Manicure and Pedicure

Nail care isn’t just for women. Your hands and feet should be well taken care of, and you can start off by allowing each of them to soak in warm water for 5-10 minutes. Add a bit of hand soap to help soften the skin and on your feet, use a pumice stone, especially around the heel, to remove dead and rough skin and callouses.

Pumice Stone


Use a file and clippers to trim your nails, press down your cuticles and finally, massage your hands and feet with your lotion of choice.

The key to the best spa treatments involve disconnecting from phones and the outside world and spending some quality time taking care of your body and nurturing yourself. You certainly don’t have to stop at facial care. Cook yourself one of your favorite meals, read a good book and listen to some relaxing music while you sink further into some much-deserved “me time.”


4 Tips to Start Riding Like a Pro

No matter how much a cyclist may train, it often seems like the gap between amateur riders and pro riders is insurmountable. The average cyclist may never hit the speeds of a professional or match their pace during a long ride, but there are some simple steps that they can take to make the most out of every ride. Here is a closer look at 4 simple tips and tricks that could help you start riding faster, safer, and more efficiently than ever before.

1. Divide Your Rides

One of the most important skills that a new cyclist can develop is impeccable pacing during arduous rides. Many will hit that halfway mark in a ride only to find themselves almost out of energy. An easy way to avoid this is to start dividing rides into thirds or fourths. By creating benchmarks for a ride or race, a cyclist will constantly be reminded of how much energy they will need to complete the ride at a strong pace without burning themselves out at the start.

2. Pre-Race Cleaning and Maintenance

Those that are getting serious about cycling have no doubt invested in a reasonable bicycle, but failing to maintain and clean the bike will result in a wasted investment. On average, about 10 minutes of cleaning should take place before every serious ride. At the very least, every cyclist should be able to lube their own chains, switch out tubes, and replace all basic components. Comprehensive tune-ups will most likely be needed once or twice a year as the cyclist begins to ride more.

3. Don’t Skimp on Gear

When it comes to shoes, helmets, repair packs, or even or even cycling jerseys in Malaysia, riders should never cheat themselves by going with second-rate products. Even more dangerous is opting for cheap or second-rate safety gear that could result in major injuries or death. All gear should be purchased and tested well before any serious rides and cyclists should be comfortable with their helmets, shorts, jerseys, gloves, and eyewear.

4. Get Comfortable With Group Riding

Once a cyclist has a well-tuned bike, has broken in their gear, and understands the basics of safety and pacing, it is then time to get serious about group rides. Solo cyclists are often surprised to hear that they will burn an average of 30 percent more calories per ride than those that are riding in groups. When it comes to group riding, however, the most important thing is safety. Newer riders can start by riding in the rear of the pack and get an idea about rotations, speed, and other paceline skills.

These few tips are only the beginning when it comes to riding like the pros. Every cyclist should take the time to reevaluate their skills every few weeks and never be afraid to seek out help from experienced riders when they inevitably begin to hit roadblocks.

Quick Weight Loss Tips That Really Work

Maintaining a healthy body weight is not an easy thing to accomplish. Eating meals out at restaurants make it hard to cut down on calories. If you are overweight, there are a number of treatments that you can undergo to get rid of unwanted pounds. ZELTIQ Coolscupting treatments in Singapore is a fat freezing treatment that has helped over one million people throughout the world lose weight. Other methods include diet pills, supplements and exercise programs. Special diets do not work since they are only a temporary solution for weight loss.


Weight Loss Tips

Diet pills are intended to make you less hungry so you will not be tempted to overeat. Diet supplements curb your appetite and give you additional vitamins and minerals. These methods work for some people but not all. Everyone is different, and you should choose the method for losing weight that suits you. Do not skip breakfast since it will give you the ability to make wise food choices when it is lunchtime. Skipping breakfast will make you hungry enough to overeat later on in the day. It will also keep your blood sugar in check.

e6862c270033b3bf49395bf77d1bb0ac (1)

If you must eat dessert, there is a little trick you can try to avoid eating too many calories. Take three small bites, and then push the plate away. Start your meals by eating a small salad. This will help fill you up and make you less likely to overeat. Experts recommend eating six small meals a day instead of three larger ones. Keep track of your daily calories to become aware of how much you eat each day. Experts recommend losing no more than two pounds a week. This will help you lose weight and keep it off.


An exercise program is any activity where you increase your heart rate. Even cleaning house, washing the car or mowing the grass is a form of exercise. Start an exercise program that combines aerobics and weight training for faster weight loss. Be sure to ask your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine. If you do not have exercise experience, consider hiring a fitness coach for advice on diet and exercise. If you drink a glass of water before meals, it will curb your appetite. Stay busy with a hobby to avoid overeating from boredom.

Eat at least every three hours to keep your metabolism in high gear. This will also help you avoid food cravings that add up the calories each day. Write down your weight loss and fitness goals in a training diary. This will help keep you motivated to work out. Look at fitness magazine photos and find a role model. Take a few minutes each day to visualize your body looking like your role model. Visualization works well for Olympic athletes, it will also work for your weight loss goals.


If you only have time to exercise for 30 minutes a day, then choose strength training. Adding muscle mass to your body will increase your metabolism. At the end of the day, weight loss comes down to the amount of calories you burn versus what you eat. Many online calorie counters make it easy for you to track your calories on your smartphone.


Use App to keep track of your daily calories

Ask a friend who needs to lose weight to work out with you. This can keep you motivated and less likely to stop working out. Dieting does not mean starving yourself. You can have plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits and whole-grains that you should not feel deprived. A successful weight loss plan will keep you focused on your goals and increase your chance of success.