3 Steps to a Flawless Summer Skin

The summer time can be the ultimate time for you to try out a new look and show off a new outfit or haircut. A warm sun-kissed tan can create a healthy glow for any occasion. Here are a few tips for creating a fresh new beauty look for the summer without sacrificing time in the sun.


Step one: Create a consistent tan glow

Creating a good tan is a balance between using sunless tanning solutions and natural tanning. A healthy skin complexion reduces UV exposure to avoid wrinkling or early aging. Sakura explained a subtle tan can be heightened with a sunless tanning solution. Here are a few options for creating that “look”:

• Exfoliate and shower beforehand

Removing dead skin cells and grease are important for creating any tan. It also helps the skin retain melanin for natural suntanning.



• Compliment an early suntan with a bronzer

A bronzer can create an instant tan on the face without looking blotchy. Use a powdered bronzer very lightly on the skin that matches your skin tone daily. Consider slowly going up a shade every few weeks to match cool to warm skin tones.

Applying bronzer



• Blend skin tone gradually with lotion and tanning mouse

The best tans occur over time to look real and blend in with your changing skin tone. Apply a tanning mouse or liquid product with a bit of lotion to blend in the skin.


Step two: Keep skin looking refreshed

Reducing shine and glare on the skin is a great way to show off a soft summer glow on the face. You can encourage intake of vitamin A and C by eating fresh leafy greens such as a salad and fruit. These vitamins help keep the skin cells hydrated and refreshed throughout the summer. Use a daily moisturizer and a bit of natural jojoba oil to encourage the skin to have a balanced pH. Apply aloe vera and cocoa butter to areas of the skin more prone to heat rash.


Oxygen facial spray

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Step three: Protect the skin and hair

Your skin and hair can get some pretty heavy abuse in the humidity and heat of summer. Hair frizz and sunburns are common complaints that you may find as the heat climbs. Create a no-stress hair routine by using a taming creme after drying your hair. Reduce the amount of time you dry your hair with a blow dryer to encourage natural oil production.

These tips should help create a natural look that can truly beat the heat for summer fun.


Types of Wax Used for Hair Removal

Hair removal is a serious concern for anyone who wants to appear sensual, feminine or just well-kept. Waxing is a popular solution because the results last longer than shaving and frequently cause less ingrown hairs. As at-home is readily available from drug stores, and many salons provide the services, more types of wax now exist than ever before.


Strip and Stripless Wax

The two basic types of wax are strip and stripless, and many beauty salons will carry both. Strip wax, or soft wax, uses a fabric strip that users press down to the wax. They then pull the fabric away from the skin to remove hair. This wax tends to be thinner and is good for areas of the body that are less sensitive. Because stripless wax, or hard wax, doesn’t require strip application, the entire process may go more quickly than with strips.

Stripless wax is thicker and doesn’t require the muslin strip. Users pull the wax itself away from the body, and hard wax is often better for more sensitive parts of the body, including the face.


Pre-waxed Strips

For at-home users, some kits come with pre-waxed strips that do not require them to apply wax and then the strips separately. These strips usually come in pairs, which the users pull away. The wax on pre-waxed strips is frequently thin and requires only the hands to be warmed to usable temperature.


Hot Wax

Hot wax is the type that most people are familiar with. It requires heating, often over a burner or in a microwave. There is an ideal temperature for hot wax, and overly-hot wax may burn the skin, especially in sensitive locations. As hot wax cools, it becomes more difficult to apply, so reheating may be necessary. Ingredients may differ between brands and typos of hot wax, so consumers should examine the list before making a purchase if they’re away of any ingredient sensitivities.


Ready to Use Wax

Ready-to-use wax requires no special heating, and uses can use a tool to apply it to skin directly out of the container. This is becoming more popular as people have burned themselves on hot wax in the past. However, it may not apply as well as hot wax if the formula isn’t correct.


Wax Made at Home

Home-made wax is popular among consumers who want to save money and move away from chemicals that may exist in store-bought wax. Some formulas include sugar, honey, wax and lemon juice. However, the texture is not quite like that of actually wax. Recipes like this do require heating and can separate if not fully stirred.

Wax as a hair removal technique does not provide permanent results like laser to remove hair permanently. Users will reapply wax when hair begins to show. However, the wax requires hair that is long enough to grab onto, and this may mean that hair must become longer and more obvious in between waxing sessions. For users who want an absolutely hairless look, professional services like those from a beauty clinic in Singapore (Privé Clinic)might provide the best balance between beauty and the wallet.


Cheap Ways to Treat Acne Scars

There are many people who have had to deal with acne over their lifetime. While it is a condition that is associated mainly with teenagers, the scars that are left behind after the face has cleared up can be a permanent issue. Today, more and more people are attempting to treating acne scars at home. Unfortunately, visiting a professional spa or dermatologist can be expensive.

There are actually a few ways to treat acne scars at home that are inexpensive. While each method or treatment may not work for every individual patient, many people have seen enormous results. It is imperative for anyone who is dealing with acne scars to wash their face each day. Washing the face with a gentle cleanser every night is important to rid the face of perspiration , pollution and makeup from the day. After washing, the face should be dried by patting the skin down with a soft towel. Although many people claim they wash their face each night before bed, the proof will be easy to see.


Many people will choose the professionals to help with their acne scars and other facial issues. Choosing to see a dermatologist is an excellent idea especially if a person is constantly dealing with skin issues. This dermatology site is a great resource to read before, after, and while under the care of a dermatologist. The site offers amazing advice for people dealing with acne, acne scars, and other skin conditions. It is important for people to be able to connect with others who are dealing with the same sort of skin problems and that is where www.dermatologist.sg comes into play.


Dermatologist.sg is a Singapore online skin treatment and solutions for everyone to have a healthier skin

Dermatologist.sg is a Singapore online skin treatment and solutions for everyone to have a healthier skin

Not only can people learn more about proper skincare on the site, they can also find a professional dermatologist in their area who specializes in acne and acne scars. They can then easily contact their local dermatologist and set up an appointment for a free consultation. Fortunately, their dermatologist will be able to offers solutions that are affordable and effective such as Microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion is a popular treatment used to treat a variety of skin problems but many patients have completely rid their faces of acne scars with it. The process is not a painful one and can be completed in a dermatologist’s office or at a skincare spa. Microdermabrasion works by gently sanding the skin’s surface to rid the dead skin cells and other issues off of the face. Because of it’s gentle nature, it is an excellent tool to use at home or by a professional to treat scars and other skin problems.


Although professional help is smart for acne scars, completing the job at home is much more affordable. It can be beneficial to use homemade scrubs each day. There are many excellent scrubs that can be made at home. Combining sea salt, coconut oil and honey in a bowl and applying all over the face can to wonders to skin with acne scars. It is important to rinse this scrub off with warm water.


Is Botox For Migraines Just a Myth?

The smoothing of wrinkles and brow lines that give patients a more youthful appearance is one of the first things that come to mind when people talk about Botox. The fastest growing cosmetic procedure used today by Dermatologists is the Botox injection. Skin doctors along with their female and male patients accept Botox treatments as common practice.

While treating his patients, a doctor from California, noticed a correlation between his patients’ smoother skin and a decrease in their migraine pain after Botox treatments. More and more of his patients appeared to be experiencing similar results from the Botox injections. Botox for migraines could be the relief millions of people are looking for to end their devastating pain.

Botox Injections for Migraine Therapy (part 1 of 3)

According to the American Migraine Foundation, approximately 12% of Americans suffer from the painful effects of living with migraines. Migraines are the most unbearable headaches a person between the ages of 15 and 55 can experience. Along with the pain, a patient will also experience nausea and sensitivity to light and sound.

Today Allergan, Inc. the drug-maker of Botox found another benefit from using Botox. The number of people experiencing migraine relief from their Botox treatments was hard for the skin doctors to ignore. The treatments only appear to work for patients experiencing 14 or more debilitating migraines a month. The more frequent and severe the migraines, the better the Botox worked for their patients. Pain relief from Botox can last from 3 to 6 months. Each patient’s experience is different, just as it would be using any over-the-counter medication for pain relief.

Botox Injections for Migraine Therapy (part 2 of 3)

Botox injections help block nerve activity in the muscles, causing a temporary decrease in muscle activity. Botox is injected into the muscles over the eye-brow, forehead, side of the head, and the back of the neck. It is thought, but not proven that Botox blocks the muscle contractions that stimulate migraines. The needles used for the Botox injections are very fine and only produce mild discomfort from the procedure. The number of days patients have to live with migraine pain is reduced with Botox.

Botox Injections for Migraine Therapy (part 3 of 3)

In 2010, Botox for migraines was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United Kingdom – Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency. Today more and more patients are finding a reprieve from their debilitating pain with the help of Botox for migraines.

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How To Achieve Flawless Beauty- a Cosmetics and Skin Care Review

Many women dream of flawless beauty – a radiant complexion, beautifully polished nails and gorgeous colors perfectly complementing their features. This dream is within reach as long as they know which cosmetic brands to turn to. From skincare to makeup and nail polish, there are many companies catering to different needs and complexions.

Achieving flawless beauty starts with flawless skin. Brands such as Dr Jart and StriVectin rely on science to improve skin, while Luzern and Korres rely on nature’s cures to achieve flawless beauty. There is no need to visit the spa when Mario Badescu, a spa skin care line has so many options targeted at different skin types. From acne prone to dry or combination skin, Mario Badescu offers a range of products to solve any skin concern. If anti-aging is a concern, StriVectin offers a range of products targeting different types of aging, from wrinkles to firmness and age spots.

BB Cream Review: Dr Jart Water Fuse Blemish Base

Korres, a skincare line based in Greece is a natural option for skincare. Their line includes products for the whole body and uses all natural or certified organic ingredients. Swiss natural skincare line Luzern uses pharmaceutical- grade ingredients free of chemicals and synthetic additives.

Flawless beauty wouldn’t be complete without some color and that is where cosmetic brands Deborah Lippmann and Sleek Makeup excel. Deborah Lippmann has long been a fashion runway manicurist and her line of nail shades has a cult following. In addition to a line of nail polishes with unique shades and free of toxic chemicals, this line offers nail colors created in collaboration with celebrities, fashion designers and models.

Color is the focus at Sleek Makeup, and with 30 shades of foundation this line has a color for every complexion. The highly pigmented colors in their collection suit any skin tone and create runway worthy looks. Their line of eye shadow palettes offers a coordinating collection of super pigmented shades to suit any eye color. For lips, Sleek Makeup’s lip products range from a shimmer glaze and high shine lip-gloss, to lip pencils and deeply pigmented lipstick.

With so many fabulous and targeted options from these cosmetic brands anyone can achieve flawless beauty. Whether using doctor approved skincare Dr Jart, spa line Mario Badescu or nail care line Deborah Lippmann flawless beauty can belong to anyone.

Visit this new online cosmetic site: Luxola is now shipping to Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei