Take Your Business Online: 4 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

If you run a company and want to take your business to the next level, you should have a solid online presence. When you have a solid online presence, you can make more money and enjoy greater success. With this in mind, here are four tips for choosing a domain name.

Easy to remember: First, if you want to do well online, make sure to choose a domain name people can remember. While it might be tempting to have a long and witty domain name, don’t do this. No, instead, think of other famous companies, and you will realize that simple is almost always better to have an easy to remember domain name. Fortunately, a solid domain name registration can help you find a name that is easy to remember.

Related to your name, product or brand: Think about it for a minute, if you sell shoes online, you will want a domain name related to shoes. On the other hand, if you are lawyer, you will want your domain name to have something related to law in it. Not only that, you may want your name in the domain. Either way, once you find out what you want to call your business, you should choose a domain name similar to it.

Easy to spell: Now, think about this for a minute, if you give out your website address to a friend or people who may want to check out your site, you will want them to remember it. For this reason, keep it simple and to the point. While numbers and random letters may excite some people, it will confuse others. Luckily, once you find Web hosting and an easy to spell domain name, you are well on your way to succeeding.

Remember to get a .com: While it’s possible to find a .net or .org domain name, you should steer clear. The reason for this is obvious as you will want to think of your users. Remember, people instinctively will go to a .com website. In fact, most people will never think twice about visiting a .org, .net or .info domain. No, when keeping it at .com, you will not lose visitors.

With these four simple tips, you can choose the ideal domain name for your company. Remember, while it’s easy to take two minutes to make the decision, you will want to spend a while thinking about your ideal domain name for the organization.




Set Up An Online Store With No Technical Knowledge

It can be extremely frustrating when a person wants to set up an online store but is unable to do so because of a lack of technical knowledge. Luckily, there are many different websites that will allow customers to set up online retail sites without having to code at all.


Control Panel

Most websites will allow customers to set up an online store that can be entirely controlled from a control panel. This control panel has a large number of different options that customers can choose from in order to customize the website. Although coding a website will be able to ensure that a website exactly meets the customer’s specifications, the settings offered by the control panel can be used to change the sizes of the images of the products, how the images are set up, what the background and banners look like, and how the menu allows customers to navigate the site. This control panel is exceedingly easy to use and will enable a customer to make a website that will meet his or her needs.


Easy Store let you start online business without technical site building skills


Entry Page

Beyond the control panel will be the entry page. This is the page that the customer will use to put in the items that he or she wants to sell. Instead of having to enter everything in an HTML file, the customer can simply upload a picture of the item, write a description, and include the price. This will allow customers to find out everything they need to know to make a decision about the product.


Checkout Page

Another component of websites that allow customers to set up an online store for free is that of the checkout page. This page will allow a customer to see what items he or she has selected to put in his or her shopping cart, as well as what his or her total cost will be. This is the page that the customer can use to select a shipping option as well. Once the customer has finished shopping, he or she will be able to enter the credit card information and complete the transaction. This page is extremely secure and will not allow the customer’s private information to be stolen. Many sites that allow a customer to build an online retail site will be sure to accommodate PayPal and other common payment options. You should try this live easy checkout page.


Technical Help

Although it is easy to build an online store, there will inevitably be problems. In order to ensure that the customer is able to actually build a store that will meet his or her needs, many companies will have 24/7 customer assistance hotlines that will provide technical assistance. This will reduce the levels of frustration that users may experience and will allow an online store to be created without delay. Technical support will also be available after the site has been created to ensure that the site remains fully functional.