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Property Search Tips n Singapore

Searching for property in Singapore requires a bit of savvy when you need a new place to live. The city itself is separated from Malaysia by the straits, and the island is a large diamond that contains industrial, commercial, residential and financial districts. You must choose a lovely place to live, but you must find the place on Singapore island that you will enjoy for a long time.

#1: Living Near Your Work

Your place of work is located near a residential district, but you must choose a place that is comfortable for your or your family. Residential areas near your job may be filled with other families, or you may find an apartment building that has all the amenities you need. Moving near your job is one way to find a place to live, but you are not bound by duty to move near your employer.




#2: Moving Away From Commercial Areas

The coastal areas of Singapore that are far from the industrial center are filled with small family homes. You can see the city center from your home, but the city center is at least half an hour away from you. Your home will have easy access to the sea, and the tropical climate in Singapore makes the waters enjoyable most of the year.




#3: Moving To The City Center

The city center has condos and apartments that give you a lovely place to live near the action in the center of the city. You may live near your office, and the city center provides places to eat and shop. Your building likely hosts a restaurant or bar, and there are laundry services offered by most high-end apartment buildings. You may read Singapore property news to find a better apartment for rent, and you will live near some of the best shopping outlets in the world.




#4: Pricing

Property pricing in Singapore changes based on the nature of the property. You will pay more for properties that lie near the city center, and the properties that lie in the outskirts of the island are much cheaper. You may choose a property that is in your price range, and the property will host you or your family comfortably.


Comparing prices for your property will help you save money on your purchase. Each property you look over should be compared based on its price, amenities and location in the city, and the comparison will lead you to a conclusion that will serve you well.


#5: Commercial Properties

Commercial properties on Singapore island are located in several different places. You may purchase a commercial property that lies on the water, or you may choose a commercial property that is closer to the city center. The warehouse district in Singapore is rather large, or you may choose an office building that is close to the city center.

Commercial properties are priced in the same manner as residential properties, and you may purchase a property that provides the proper amount of space for your business. Every business requires a commercial property, and you may find a place to work that is very close to your warehouse. The combination of commercial and office space will help you manage your business more efficiently, and you may find a place to live bear your business property.


Purchasing property in Singapore is much simpler when you use the tips in this article. You will find a place to live or work that is affordable, and the island is large enough to accommodate you comfortably. Singapore brings you close to tropical waters that are comfortable all year, and the city center is one of the most cosmopolitan places in the world.


Best Tips to Find Affordable Rental Property in Singapore

In most cases, a person’s rental payment is a large expense in their budget. In an expensive rental market like Singapore, the monthly rental payment may be the largest expense by far, and many people who are searching for rental property in Singapore are looking for an affordable option. Structuring an affordable rental payment can make your life easier throughout the entire length of your lease term, and there are different ways that you can more easily find an affordable place to live.

Explore All of the Options

If you are like many others who are looking for a great place to live in Singapore, you may be looking for a cheap studio apartment with a rental payment that is manageable. However, there are other affordable options to consider besides a small studio unit. For example, a small condominium or even an HDB flat may be more affordable in some cases than a studio unit. There are different options on the market at various times, so there is not one specific type of unit that is always most affordable. It is best to expand your search to include more property types so that you do not overlook a great deal.

Consider Getting a Roommate

Another idea that may work great for you is to get a larger unit and to take on a roommate. The price difference between a one and two bedroom apartment may be minimal, and this means that splitting the rent in half for a two bedroom apartment or condo unit may be much more cost effective than paying the rent for a one bedroom apartment by yourself. You can research the options carefully, and consider asking a friend who is also looking for an affordable place to live if he or she is interested in rooming with you. Sharing the rent payment with a family member, such as a sibling or cousin, is another good option. This structure can help you to save a lot of money on your monthly rent.

Think About Commuting

The rental rates throughout Singapore can vary, and some areas have far more affordable rental rates than others. You may be trying to find a place to rent that is close to where you work. However, if you work in an area that has high rental rates, it may be a better idea to commute. You can look at more affordable areas of Singapore that may be near the MRT. This way, you can save money on your rental payment without being inconvenienced by a long, cumbersome commute to work each day.

Finding a rental property in Singapore that is affordable can seem impossible in some cases. Often, people feel this way when they have narrowed their options too drastically and are not thinking outside the box. You may consider expanding your search criteria and location as well as thinking about roommates and other creative structures to find an affordable place to live in Singapore.

3 Important Tips to Consider Before Buying Property in Singapore

Owning property in Singapore is not easy because it involves various procedures that may be complicated to some people. A person needs first to confirm if the seller is legitimate by getting that information from a trusted real agent. The information may include a detailed transaction procedure and also the property taxes. The following are three important tips to consider before buying property in Singapore:

1. Real estate agents

In Singapore, properties are either acquired through leasehold or freehold tenure. In leasehold tenure, the buyer possesses the property for an indefinite period of time.freehold tenure involves the buyer owning the property for a specified period of time, and upon the expiration of the agreed duration, the property reverts back to the state. Purchasing property through real estate agents ensures the process is properly documented. An agent’s working knowledge of the Singaporean real estate market ensures that the clients are provided with accurate information, and helped in making important decisions. The agent will shortlist property for your approval and then you will be required to make a trip to the property and make sure that it satisfies you. A person should also check the fixtures, interior, and exterior design.You are supposed to be completely satisfied with the condition of the property before agreeing on the selling price.




2. Foreign ownership

The Singaporean government restricts foreign ownership of private residential properties. If a foreigner wants to buy an apartment or condominium units, he does not need to contact the Singaporean government. But if the property being acquired includes houses and bungalows, then it becomes mandatory to obtain an approval from the Singapore Land Authority.

condo-realtor-foreign-buyerProperties covered by HDB in Singapore adhere to the regulation that foreigners are not permanent residents; therefore, they cannot purchase an executive condominium through the open market.


HDB flats

In this arrangement, it becomes mandatory to contact the developer of the property. Permanent residents are not prohibited from purchasing HDB flats directly from the HDB as long as they form a family nucleus with a citizen of Singapore. Permanent residents are also allowed to buy HDB flats from the resale market, although they are supposed to enlist a single occupier as a citizen of Singapore.


3. Solicitor

You should involve the services of an attorney when you are purchasing property in Singapore.

7167377_origA lawyer is supposed to conduct necessary searches and ensure that the ownership of the property is legitimate. A solicitor is the one who will lodge a caveat that is supposed to notify the general public of the buyer’s intention to own the property. A solicitor will check the credentials and reputation of the seller to confirm if the alterations and renovations of the property were correctly done and approved.


Sign a document referred to as An Option to Purchase

After you have made your choice, you are supposed to sign a document referred to as An Option to Purchase. The report gives the buyer fourteen days in which he is supposed to decide if he will be buying the property or not. At this stage of the purchase, the buyer is required to have at least one percent of the purchase price ready. The documents are then sent to the seller’s solicitor. As the buyer, you are supposed to have paid nine percent of the purchase price at this stage.

Real Estate Sale

Purchasing property in Singapore is a brilliant idea if you are looking forward to becoming a permanent resident or an investor. Singapore has a robust economy with a real estate market that is stable. So, if you are planning to buy a property, please look at the Singapore’s property listing and choose the appropriate property for your investment.


4 Reasons to Get Prequalified for a Mortgage When Buying Property in Singapore


If you are in the market to purchase real estate and you are actively seeking new properties in Singapore to buy, you may consider pausing to get pre-qualified for your housing loan as a first step in your effort. It may seem counter-intuitive to apply for a housing loan before you have even found a piece of real estate that you are interested in purchasing, but there are actually several important reasons why this is a step that you may want to take today. After reviewing these reasons, you may decided to contact a loan representative today.


Know How Much You Can Afford

Many new home buyers who are actively searching for property in Singapore have already used online calculators to estimate mortgage payments and to estimate a reasonable price that is affordable for their budget. However, your credit rating and financial profile will play a critical role in the mortgage qualification and approval process, and a loan representative can provide you with more information about this when you apply. Essentially, you will have a much more realistic estimate of the price you can afford to pay for your new real estate purchase when you get pre-qualified.


Get a Better Deal on Your Loan

After you make an offer on a property, you will generally need to act quickly to get your loan application in progress. You will have a fixed deadline that you must comply with to get loan approval, and this may create some pressure on you to submit a loan application right away. You will have more time and less pressure to shop around for a better deal on your loan when you complete this effort up-front.

6 Tips for getting a home loan


Some Real Estate Agents Will Not Work With You Unless Pre-Qualified

Getting pre-qualified before you start searching for a new home can prevent many issues with the home search process as well as the financing process. For example, it can more accurately ensure that you can afford the property that you are interested in and that you want to make an offer on. The last thing you want is to spend days searching for a property in a specific price range and to get your offer approved only to later learn that you must back out of the contract because you cannot obtain financing on it. Some agents actually will not work with buyers who are not yet pre-qualified for this reason. Your real estate agent may ask that you get pre-qualified for a home loan if you have not yet taken this initial step.

Real Estate Agent


Your Purchase Offer Will Be Stronger

Many sellers will also look for a pre-qualification or pre-approval letter when they receive an offer on their property. When a seller accepts an offer, the property essentially is taken off the market and is no longer actively listed for sale. This means that the seller is taking a chance on you and is depending on your ability to follow through on your offer. Sellers can find a greater level of security and comfort with accepting your offer when they know that you have the financial means to follow through on your offer to purchase the property. This means that your offer may be more likely to be accepted.

While you may be excited about searching for a new property to purchase in Singapore, you should take time to shop around for your new home loan and to get pre-qualified for your financing. This initial step can streamline the entire buying process and can make your efforts more successful. You can reach out to a mortgage professional today for assistance with pre-qualification.

Finding the Right Condominium in Malaysia

Finding the right place to live is a major decision and it is a process that requires you to carefully consider a number of factors. This is true of almost any situation or location. If you are trying to find the right condominium in Malaysia, it is important that you keep your own personal needs and the needs of your family in mind while you are searching for the perfect place. This will have a direct impact on the type of location that you ultimately decide on. For example, it will have an impact on the size of place that you need to purchase. The location is likely also going to have a major impact on your decision, especially if you are moving there for professional reasons.

Moving to a different country is an exciting experience but it can sometimes also be somewhat overwhelming. In fact, there are few things that are more disconcerting than trying to find the perfect place to live when you essentially have to choose it sight unseen and you are moving your entire family to an unfamiliar location. This is true rather you are renting or buying. However, there are a number of things that you can do to ensure that you do find the perfect place even if you are not able to travel there and see it for yourself firsthand.

It is much easier to see what everything looks like both inside and outside now than it has ever been before. This is due to the popularity of the Internet and the fact the you can essentially look at places for sale or rent online and take a virtual tour without ever having to set foot on the location itself. This is a valuable commodity for anyone who is considering relocating to a faraway location.

By the same token, if you have ever had the opportunity to visit Malaysia in the past, you know what a beautiful location it is. Whether you are moving there to take a new position at work or simply because that is where you have decided to retire, you are probably at least vaguely familiar with the area and have some type of an idea of what you are looking for. In any case, using the Internet in conjunction with a good real estate agent will help you find the best place for your needs and for the needs of your loved ones. It is the most ideal way to find a great place in Malaysia without having any added stress related to the move.