The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Creating Monster Email Campaigns


A robust email marketing campaign should be an essential element of any marketing strategy. Email can be one of the most affordable and effective ways to build relationships, gather pertinent data, and help boost a business’s marketing ROI. To run a successful email campaign, marketers need to understand what their audience needs. The following tips can help you win at email marketing.

#1. Make sure there are links leading from an email to a landing page. The purpose is to give users an opportunity to sign up. Strong calls-to-action are also essential.

#2. Use as few images as possible. Keep in mind that an email is not a print mail piece. Most recipients won’t see the images in an email. Therefore, images take up space that could better utilized. Use text to convey critical messages.

#3. Make it easy for users to unsubscribe. Some may think it’s counter intuitive to provide an exit for users on your mailing list. However, if a user gets frustrated in trying to remove your email, they’ll likely report your email as spam. This action can count against your sender reputation with email providers.

#4. Optimize your email campaigns for mobile. Mobile use is on the rise, and there’s no stopping it. Emails that aren’t optimized for mobile users are likely to be deleted quickly. Mobile users are on the go. Make your emails count.

#5. Whenever possible, personalize your emails. Those who connect with you via email can appreciate your message if it appears to be one-on-one.

Automating your post-purchase messages is an excellent idea as well. Showing how much you care that a person took the time to make a purchase can help ensure the next sell.

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What is Server Colocation?

Colocation is the main alternative for small companies that do not have the resources or the time to have both private servers and the IT team needed to maintain them. Essentially, colocation is when a small companies owns a server and takes it to a web hosting company’s location. Upon arriving at the location, the server will be plugged into the rack and will have access to the rack’s bandwidth. An IP address will be provided for the server. The main difference between server colocation and normal web hosting is that the server is owned by the client, rather than the hosting company.

Advantages of Colocation

  • Cost of Bandwidth
    The biggest advantage that is associated with colocation is that the cost of bandwidth is lower. Colocation tends to cost slightly more than regular website leasing, but usually colocation centers have much greater bandwidth and better redundancy with regards to connections to the network.
  • Better Outage Protection
    Colocation centers have power generators in the case that the power goes out, whereas companies that host servers in their offices do not often have those generators. A company that uses a colocation center’s services is paying for those generators and the peace of mind that they provide. There is a very low likelihood that a company’s website will fail in the case of a pwoer outage.
  • More Control Over the Server
    Should changes need to be made to the server, such as an upgrade, the client that owns the server can make those changes immediately and not have to wait for the provider to take action. The same principle applies to the software that the system is running. If the software should stop meeting the needs of the client, it can be changed or upgraded without delay.
  • No Need to Move the Server
    Should a company change locations, there is no need to move the server. The website will be able to remain fully operational throughout the move.
  • Additional Security
    The environment in which the server is stored at a colocation center is often much more secure than the environment it would be in if it were stored at a client’s headquarters.
  • No IT Team Needed
    When a client pays for a server to be stored at a colocation center, he or she is also has the choice to pay for the server to be maintained. If the client chooses to do so, the need for a private IT team is removed, saving the client money.


Disadvantages of Colocation

  • Hard to Find
    Colocation centers are not as common as normal website hosting companies. It is important to find on nearby so that it can be easily upgraded or reconfigured as needed. The easiest place to find colocation centers is near large cities.
  • More Expensive
    Colocation is unquestionably more expensive than website hosting, especially since the maintenance services need to be paid for separately, or maintenance needs to be performed by the client on a regular basis.
  • Limited Physical Access
    Because the server is not on the physical premises of the company, it is more difficult to access. Should the server need to be maintained, a representative from the client company will need to travel to the colocation center during its business hours, which can be inconvenient for many companies.
  • Pay for Maintenance
    If the company should move too far away from the colocation center, it will either have to move the server or pay for maintenance to be performed.

Colocation Benefits



Sacrificial Anodes Used to Prevent Corrosion and Cathodic Protection

Any boat with a metal hull, or a structure that is immersed or partially immersed in salt water, requires a system of some kind to protect it from corrosion. Salt water can corrode metal in a big, bad way, completely compromising the structural integrity and resulting in failure of a boat’s hull or an important structural element if it isn’t properly prevented. There are two primary tools used for this prevention: sacrificial anodes and cathodic protection systems.

Sacrificial anodes are little more than pieces of zinc affixed to a boat’s or other metal object. Understanding why this helps requires some understanding of how sea water corrodes metal. When salt water and metal surfaces come into contact, and either the water or the metal is moving, the interaction of substances causes an electrical current that gradually bleeds electrons and causes the metal to degrade. This electrical current is very similar in the way it is generated to how a battery functions. In lieu of motion, the use of plural metals in a single component can produce a similar effect. A sacrificial anode assists this process by controlling where the electrical current originates from and terminates, causing all degradation to occur to the zinc before it can reach anywhere else.


Sacrificial Anode




Sacrificial Anode on Ship

Sacrificial Anode on Ship

The zinc anodes need to be replaced regularly, hence their “sacrificial” title, but they are quite effective at balancing the charge and preventing corrosion. However, they are a more archaic solution, and can be ineffective for very large objects. While any quantity of zinc will help, smaller quantities will corrode more quickly when attached to larger objects, and the difference in mass can result in a geometric decrease in efficiency. For this reason, active cathodic protection systems were developed.


Zinc Alloy Sacrificial Anodes

Zinc Alloy Sacrificial Anodes

Active cathodic protection systems work on the same principle as sacrificial anodes. They alter the charged current induced by the salt water on the metal components of a hull or ocean-anchored object to prevent corrosion. However, they do not do this by balancing the charge with a piece of metal, but rather by pumping a countering current into the hull. This allows for a number of advantages that sacrificial anodes cannot provide.


Cathodic Protection

First of all, this allows for the cathodic protection of much larger objects. The largest ships in the sea use cathodic protection for this purpose. This is also better for extended and infrastructural solutions where it simply wouldn’t be feasible to utilize items that need to be replaced regularly. Active cathodic protection is usually brought in alongside the use of waterproof paint and other solutions to produce a composite defense against corrosion. Cathodic protection systems like this use circuits to determine how much voltage needs to be put out, allowing them to compensate for damage to passive solutions. The only disadvantage is the power requirement.

All in all, cathodic protection is a necessary component of anything that will be in extended contact with salt water. Corrosion can destroy infrastructure and ruin investments, but cathodic protection allows many aspects of our modern world to be possible. If you would like to know more specifics about different kinds of cathodic protection systems, you can learn more here.



What Are EPE Foams Used For?

We tend to take technology for granted. Penicillin routinely saves the lives of those who would have certainly died a hundred years ago, and smartphones continue to enable effortless communication with anyone across the planet. “So what?” might be a common refrain. We grow jaded and accustomed to it, and lose our fascination with it. The miraculous turns mundane.

But if we were to give a harder look at some of the more commonplace things that define our existence, we may find that they are still nothing short of amazing.

Expanded polyethylene (EPE) foam is just such an under-appreciated technology. The widespread use of EPE foam represents a sort of technological milestone in human advancement. The foam is light but extremely durable. It has absolutely elite waterproof and shockproof capabilities. It’s highly recyclable. It resists heat. According to CLPG EPE foam manufacturer can size or color it to meet any practical need. There is literally no material in all of nature that is like it. With those impressive properties, EPE foam has become a part of our lives in some ways we may already recognize, and in other ways we may not.


EPE Foam



Packing Material

The predominant use of EPE foam, and the way most of us encounter it, is as space-age packing material. It can be cut to fit any parcel, it absorbs shocks, and because it’s so light, it doesn’t cost much to ship. As we do more and more of our shopping online, the technology behind getting goods to our doors inexpensively and intact has become increasingly important. EPE foam is right at that forefront.


pe foam


Powering Entire Media Industries

File this one under uses for EPE foam that many of us are unaware of. Whenever a musical artist or band is recording a new album, or whenever a big-budget Hollywood film is being scored, EPE foam is undoubtedly playing some part in the project.

You see, EPE foam is one of the best materials we know of for soundproofing. Its dense cellular structure absorbs sound waves just as well as it absorbs physical shocks. So, when a studio needs a silent recording space free from the chatter of the outside world, it is EPE foam that they turn to.

epe foam soundproof studio



Making Our Buildings More Comfortable

Given its water and heat resistant properties, it’s not surprising that EPE foam has become a staple product in the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC industries. The foam is used as insulation material that can accommodate any tight-fitting attic or bathroom space. It’s used to wrap pipes and fittings to fight condensation. It’s used as safe filler material for insulation. Essentially, any construction application where it would be highly undesirable to have a raging fire or a moldy mess, can call for the use of EPE foam to ward against such dangers.



German filmmaker Werner Herzog famously suggested that the human condition is one where we are constantly pitted against nature. It is how we overcome the obstacles nature presents us that defines us as a species. Surely, in a world where nature is constantly trying to make our environment cold, wet, and noisy, EPE foam is a key, man-made weapon we use to fight this constant battle. In that respect, it is an exceptional and highly underestimated material that plays an important role in our daily lives.


Web Hosting Server Colocation Tips

Companies looking for an alternative form of server hosting might be interested in colocation. This is a money-saving option that offers more features than traditional server hosting. It solves one of the most common problems related to hosting by making it possible to upgrade the hardware. In this situation, the host manages the server and takes care of all the maintenance and updates it needs. Since the facility does not own the server, there are some additional challenges, but a few tips will come in handy.

Understanding the benefits of colocation is easy when looking at the actual operation of the facility. A server colocation company rents space in their building to enterprises that need website hosting service. This includes secure rack space or cages, backup power supplies, redundant cooling systems, and 24 hour monitoring. These features are in addition to a direct connection to the Internet and a full-time IT staff. While these features are comparable to hosts that offer dedicated servers, there are distinct pricing advantages for the service since the client still owns the servers. An important tip for finding the right service is to shop around for the right combination of features and prices.


Because a variety of different clients will have a range of equipment installed in the facility, physical security of the building is crucial.


This means having multiple controls in place and limited access points. These often include bio-metric measures that check fingerprints or do retinal scans. Choosing a service that takes security seriously is essential for any organization that will be storing or processing any sensitive data. It would be a shame for a company’s data to be compromised by someone gaining physical access either accidentally or on purpose.

Another key tip is to take full advantage of ownership of the server. If the hosting company is local, this is an easy task. A server can be removed from the rack if its owner wants to make physical adjustments to the hardware, or more likely, they want to upgrade parts. More traditional web hosts rarely change or upgrade the hardware they offer and add extra charges for more robust features. Renting a server and paying extra every month for RAM that improves performance is not particularly cost-effective.

A tip that will help more companies get a better value out of this system, is to take full advantage of virtualization. It is likely to be more less expensive and more efficient in the long run to choose a top quality server with as much RAM and memory the company can budget for network resources. This is because a single server can support multiple virtual private servers to replace the array of servers a dedicated host offers. This is a powerful solution that offers significant flexibility.

Companies that need multiple servers will appreciate the strength and flexibility of colocation services. Even if the server has to be shipped to a remote location to get the right combination of features, this is a valuable resource that gives companies more control and options. These are effective elements for business operations and are worth the attention of every company.

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