Top 3 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners for The Home

Robot vacuum cleaners are the new cleaning sensation of our century. Many people are very busy and they have to work, take care of their families, and also take care of their home. They are all looking for ways to make all of those different tasks possible and the robot vacuum cleaner can help. There are many different robot vacuum cleaners that are on the market, it is a good idea to take a look into the different one in order to find the best one for carpet.

The Neato XV-21 is a great vacuum cleaner and it is also good for those people that have pets and allergy problems. This robot vacuum is great because it has his own vacuum battery system. It has a very powerful system in which it cleans and it is a high-performance vacuum. This vacuum is able to remove all different types of dirt and debris’s from carpets and rugs as well. This robot vacuum cleaner can be scheduled to clean floors while a person is away from home. All they have to do is click on the correct timer.

The next robot is the IRobot Roomba 650 @ . This is also a very high-quality vacuum cleaner and is able to do a nice job on cleaning carpet and it also cleans other types of of surfaces such as tile, laminate, and hardwood floors. This vacuum cleaner is very special because it has a patented cleaning system that cleans in three stages. It has aerovac technology and is able to guide the vacuum smoothy which allows it to fill up evenly and to be emptied less often. The great thing about this vacuum is that it cleans every section of the carpet multiple times.

The third vacuum cleaner is called the Neato Signature Pro. This system is programed with a cleaning schedule and it is very easy. All a person has to do is press one button to have the entire room cleaned. This vacuum cleanser has filters that are very high-performing and they are able to reduce such things as pet dander and allergens making this a great vacuum cleaner for those people that have allergies. The great thing about this vacuum is that it is known to have the strongest suction in all of the other robot vacuums leaving the floor completely spotless.

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There are many people that have decided to invest in a robot vacuum and they will not be disappointed, because these types of vacuum cleaners make life a little bit easier for the busy family.


How To Clean Your Floors Thoroughly Without Lifting A Finger

Many people do not have the time to sweep or vacuum, and without proper care the floors can become dusty and dirty. Cleaning floors is a tedious and strenuous job that needs to be done regularly to prevent germs and allergens in the home. With a special vacuum system, the job can be done quickly and thoroughly without lifting a finger. The system will glide over the floor picking up the dirt, hair, crumbs and dust making the home healthier and cleaner.

When someone needs a strong suction and a versatile brush system that will clean all floor types, he or she should look for a robot vacuum that is easy to use. Some robot vacuums can be found with special technology that allows the users to never lift a finger to clean. For instance, the Neato Signature PRO is one robot vacuum that allows you to clean effortlessly without leaving a comfortable chair.


Elegant Neato Signature PRO Robotic Vacuum

Elegant Neato Signature PRO Robotic Vacuum

A Neato Signature Pro is an advanced laser guided solution to cleaner floors. It has a powerful suction that cleans the entire floor in every room. It will navigate throughout the rooms cleaning in the corners, close to the edges and around the furniture. The laser-guided system will return to the base to be charged, and then it will continue the job without the help of a human. It can be programmed to clean on a daily schedule, or a button can be pushed for an instant cleaning job. This system comes with a brush system that is great for picking up pet hair and other fibers from the floor. With the special filters, more dust particles can be removed from the home, which can help allergy sufferers. Other brands may offer the same kind of benefits. Therefore, an individual may want to check out other brands on the web to find the one that is right for him or her.


Roomba Robot Vacuums LED Light Paintings

Roomba Robot Vacuums LED Light Paintings

iRobot Vacuum Cleaner (and Looj Gutter Cleaner) – Robots!


A robot vacuum system can be set to clean for 30 minutes or longer depending on the floor size and amount of dirt needing removing. With the auto navigation feature, the system will change directions as needed protecting the furniture and walls. It can be fun to watch as the vacuum glides around the rooms. However, the vacuum can be left to do the job while you find another task to do. In addition, the robot vacuum systems take up very little space in the home. They are compact in size making them easy to store when not in use, and the compact size allows the vacuum to clean in smaller areas such as under beds and couches.

Cleaning floors is no longer a burden for an individual. It can be a fun job when a vacuum robot is used. Cleaner floors mean a healthier home, and when the floors are cleaned without lifting a finger, it is even better. An individual can get the floors cleaned without the hassle of pulling out a heavy vacuum and spending hours cleaning carpet, tile or wood floors.

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Review: Neato Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The Neato VX-11 robotic vacuum cleaner offers not only efficiency to the homeowner, but entertainment as well! Those who own this handy gadget enjoy watching it as it uses it’s “brain” to map out a room by use of a Laser Based Room Positioning System. The Neato VX-ll quickly scans an entire room, mapping out the location of all objects in the room before going to work.

Noted for its efficiency and quick movement around a room, the Neato VX-11 is great for quick clean ups between more thorough vacuums. For hardwood floors, ceramic tile, vinyl flooring it works fine, but people are more skeptical about how thorough a job it does cleaning carpeting. There’s no need to worry. Most owners say it has no problem cleaning up carpeting.

This little robot offers not only efficiency to those who own it, but entertainment as well. Watching this new household gadget is fun and interesting as it’s brain scopes out the entire room before it gets to work. Its laser operating system keeps it from running into objects around the room, with the objects stored in its memory. For many, just the thrill of owning a robot is exciting.

It not only has a Laser Based Room Positioning System, but it also has a timer that can be set automatically so the vacuuming can be done while the owner is away from home. It quickly vacuums underneath furniture and into corners. When its done, it returns to its charging base automatically, all on its own. The only thing it doesn’t do is “meow!”

The Neato VX-11 is noted for its ability to be maintained easily and its quick and easy clean up. With a battery operated charging system that can easily be removed, this robotic vacuum cleaner runs between $350.00 and $400.00 brand new. So far, the only versions available are the VX-11 and the VX-21, which is for those who suffer from allergies to pet hair and dust. The cost is comparable to other robotic vacuum cleaners that are on the market today, and it does come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. I can’t help but wonder what Neato manufacturers will come up with next!

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Neato Automatic Vacuum Cleaner Features Laser Guide

Best Features of the iRobot Scooba Vacuum Cleaner

iRobot was an innovator when it launched a robot vacuum cleaner. The Roomba was a revolutionary household tool that would automatically surf around your carpet and hardwood floors to vacuum. iRobot has now gone one step further with the Scooba.

Like the Roomba, it is a robotic floor cleaner. However, this robot takes cleaning up a notch by scrubbing your sealed hardwood, marble and other solid surface floors with a wet cleaning solution. The patented 4 stage cleaning process of the Scooba never lets the dirty solution touch the floor. It begins by vacuuming up dirt, crumbs and other debris you would normally sweep up. Second, fresh cleaning solution is dispensed automatically from the machine and then the area is scrubbed by a row of rotating brushes. Lastly a squeegee comes along to help collect the dirty solution back into the machine to leave the clean floor dry. You simply empty the dirty water from the machines, step back and enjoy your clean floors.

This is the Roomba 530 equipped with the function of scrubbing hardwood, marble and other solid surface floor with the wet cleaning solution.

Since the machine has two separate reservoirs the clean and dirty water never mixes. This gives you a superior clean to mopping and it can even remove up to 98% of the bacteria on your floors. You may purchase a cleaning solution from the company, use a vinegar and water mixture or plain water in the machine. This flexibility allows you to operate your machine quite affordably.

The robotic floor cleaner is also safe to run on a variety of floor types. Sensors built-in allow it to recognize and move around furniture, bathroom fixtures and general room clutter as it cleans. This is a great feature, especially for smaller bathroom or mudroom areas. It also makes several passes over the floor to ensure that sticky or stubborn dirt can be removed cleanly. The machine also follows the walls of your room to clean right up to the edge of your rooms, and is smart enough to sense stairways and avoid falling down them. The Virtual Wall accessory keeps your robot in the room you intend to be cleaned, by creating a virtual barrier. Surprisingly, as the vacuum works it can choose from over 60 different moves to make every second to maximize the cleaning of your room. This allows the machine to also remove itself from tight areas and not to become trapped. This ensures that your floor cleaner can operate quite effectively with very minimal attention from you.

According to Pop Tech, this light painting photograph was created by a group of students over in Germany using a swarm of seven Roomba automated vacuum cleaners. Each one had a different colored LED light attached to the top, making the resulting photo look like some kind of robotic Jackson Pollock painting.

From large to small rooms, the iRobot Scooba can take care of all your hard surface floor cleaning needs. Just add your solution, set it and go. Read the next innovative home cleaning tech tools review: Technological Advances of Robot Vacuum Cleaners on The Market.

Watch this video demonstration of iRobot Roomba 560

Most Germ-Infested Areas of Your Home

Do you know what the most germ-infested areas of your home are? Do you have small children at home? Do you have pets at home? If you do, this might be something your interested in. Do you want to know some of the best ways to keep the trouble spots clean?

First let’s say you have pets and small children. Do they ever drag in dirt and bugs from outside? If they do you might be interested in a robot vacuum cleaner. What is a robot vacuum cleaner? Its usually a small thin circular device that goes around your home on auto-pilot cleaning your floors. Some big brands of robot vacuum cleaners include: iRobot, Roomba, Scooba, Neato, Roboking and Iclebo Arte. Obviously the Scooba is more for wet messes. And if you are busy working full time what better way to stay clean then one of these products. The amazing thing is they even have features for detecting steps, walls and anything else in between. So they won’t be quickly damaged from them getting themselves really banged up.
And compared to paying a maid to come in and clean you just can’t beat the price of them. Forgetting to vacuum would be a horror story of the pass no longer with one of these automatic vacuums. And they are so small they don’t cause a disturbance. Also, they are virtually silent. No more not being able to hear your TV because of the vacuum. Or no more I don’t have time to vacuum. Never worry about a guest coming and seeing dirty floors. Now your floors will always be spotless. If you have small children and pets the floors can be a big trouble spot. Dogs and kids as we all know bring in dirt and bugs and mud and the rest we’d rather not know.

iRobot embedded with good sensor to protect your home furniture while its cleaning the floor.

All that aside the most germ-infested places are the least expected. For example, the fridge handle, your old sponge, sink, toothbrush even! It really can be scary to stay clean. And nor they have cleaning products that are 100% botanical. That means your kids can clean their toys. No more toxic cleaners bad for the environment. Just do a simple online search to find them. They all work very well. And now in days this is something we have to take into consideration. Green is the new industrial. So be safe and stay clean! Next great home cleaning ideas: Pitting Robot Vacuum Cleaners Against Normal Vacuum Cleaners.

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