Jump Around – SAT

“Mix things up” is more than a nonconformist’s credo – it is one of the keys to SAT success. SAT, which stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test or Scholastic Assessment Test, is a popular admissions test for enrollment into tertiary institutions in Singapore.

Some SAT sections are structured so that easy questions precede the medium questions which precede the hardest questions. In these sections, the sequential approach makes sense. The student spends the minimal time up front answering the easy and medium questions successfully, and then leaves whatever time remaining for the hard questions at the end of the section.

But not all SAT sections are structured in this way- sometimes hard questions will randomly appear in the first 5-10 questions, sometimes multiple times. In these cases, failing to skip hard questions and come back to them later can be a costly error. Students will waste time and increase their stress level by getting hung up on the early difficult questions. This will reduce the time left to tackle easier questions later in the section. Because each SAT question, regardless of difficulty, is worth the same, test takers who err in this fashion needlessly cost themselves points.

According the professional SAT tutor Mr.Chee Yew Wen┬ásaid that, the correct strategy is to identify a difficult question within 30 to 45 seconds of beginning to attempt it, put an asterisk, star or other mark next to the question number, and return to it later after all of the easy, medium and other “doable” questions in the section have been done. By saving the hardest for last, students increase their chances of achieving a top score.

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