What Are EPE Foams Used For?

We tend to take technology for granted. Penicillin routinely saves the lives of those who would have certainly died a hundred years ago, and smartphones continue to enable effortless communication with anyone across the planet. “So what?” might be a common refrain. We grow jaded and accustomed to it, and lose our fascination with it. The miraculous turns mundane.

But if we were to give a harder look at some of the more commonplace things that define our existence, we may find that they are still nothing short of amazing.

Expanded polyethylene (EPE) foam is just such an under-appreciated technology. The widespread use of EPE foam represents a sort of technological milestone in human advancement. The foam is light but extremely durable. It has absolutely elite waterproof and shockproof capabilities. It’s highly recyclable. It resists heat. According to CLPG EPE foam manufacturer can size or color it to meet any practical need. There is literally no material in all of nature that is like it. With those impressive properties, EPE foam has become a part of our lives in some ways we may already recognize, and in other ways we may not.


EPE Foam



Packing Material

The predominant use of EPE foam, and the way most of us encounter it, is as space-age packing material. It can be cut to fit any parcel, it absorbs shocks, and because it’s so light, it doesn’t cost much to ship. As we do more and more of our shopping online, the technology behind getting goods to our doors inexpensively and intact has become increasingly important. EPE foam is right at that forefront.


pe foam


Powering Entire Media Industries

File this one under uses for EPE foam that many of us are unaware of. Whenever a musical artist or band is recording a new album, or whenever a big-budget Hollywood film is being scored, EPE foam is undoubtedly playing some part in the project.

You see, EPE foam is one of the best materials we know of for soundproofing. Its dense cellular structure absorbs sound waves just as well as it absorbs physical shocks. So, when a studio needs a silent recording space free from the chatter of the outside world, it is EPE foam that they turn to.

epe foam soundproof studio



Making Our Buildings More Comfortable

Given its water and heat resistant properties, it’s not surprising that EPE foam has become a staple product in the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC industries. The foam is used as insulation material that can accommodate any tight-fitting attic or bathroom space. It’s used to wrap pipes and fittings to fight condensation. It’s used as safe filler material for insulation. Essentially, any construction application where it would be highly undesirable to have a raging fire or a moldy mess, can call for the use of EPE foam to ward against such dangers.



German filmmaker Werner Herzog famously suggested that the human condition is one where we are constantly pitted against nature. It is how we overcome the obstacles nature presents us that defines us as a species. Surely, in a world where nature is constantly trying to make our environment cold, wet, and noisy, EPE foam is a key, man-made weapon we use to fight this constant battle. In that respect, it is an exceptional and highly underestimated material that plays an important role in our daily lives.


Travel Tip: Top 5 Things To Ask A Taxi Driver

Taxis are a convenient way to get around an unfamiliar city. Although taxi rides can be expensive, there are some things that you can do to make your ride cheaper, faster, and more comfortable for you and the driver. Here are five questions to ask a taxi driver during your trip.


Do you know where that is?

Once you give a destination to the driver, often he or she will motion you to get in the car. But before you jump in, make sure that the taxi driver knows where to go. You can end up spending a lot of extra money if the driver is not confident about the location and needs to ask someone or drive around to find the place. If the driver doesn’t seem confident when you ask the question, politely move on to the next taxi.


Is the meter on?

Some taxi drivers will try to trick you by leaving the meter off. Once you arrive at the destination, you will have to pay whatever taxi fare that the driver asks you to pay. After all, unless you settle on the price ahead of time, you must pay whatever fare is demanded for services already rendered. Make sure that the meter is on in the beginning of your journey to avoid any surprises.


What street are we taking?

Another trick that taxi drivers can pull is to drive around in circles to ring up a larger bill. If you show some awareness that you are paying attention to the path, the driver is more likely to drive straight to the destination. Ask which street you are going to take, and if possible, follow your path on a map to be sure you aren’t going in circles.


What’s your favorite place in the city?

Taxi drivers can be a wealth of information if you take the time to ask them questions. They drive around the city all day, and they get to see many spots that most locals don’t get to see on a regular basis. You can ask for unique suggestions on places to see or things to do that are off the beaten path. You’ll be sure to have a great tourist experience if you get some local advice from a taxi driver.




How are you today?

Finally, it’s a kind thing to do to simply treat a taxi driver nicely. Many people look down on taxi drivers or pretend like they’re not even there. A taxi driver may be doing you a service, but at the end of the day he or she is simply another human who you could get to know and be friendly with. So pay a little kind attention to your taxi drivers, and you’re sure to be rewarded.

Some people simply let the taxi take them to their destinations and pay the fees. However, going on autopilot makes you miss some of the best tricks to getting a good taxi ride. Click here for more taxi tips on how to travel well.


Why Private Schools Cost More

There is a definite prestige associated with private schools. The benefits are substantial and the education is generally first class. The main issue related to private schools is the high costs. While scholarships and loans are available to some private schools, most of them are intended for wealthier families who can more easily absorb the costs. Here are some reasons why private schools cost more.



Many state, county and city schools are funded by the government. They have a financially fiscal mindset while offering affordable education to any one who qualifies. The are run like non-profit organizations. Private schools are profit centers. Their primary goal is making money. They tend to pay teachers more due to higher expectations and required qualifications. They also hire staff for tutoring, event planning and caring for the students. Higher tuition is needed to cover these extra costs.



Private schools provide more than education. They provided a home environment. The students live in homes, not dorms. They are well fed and cared for just like at home. They are usually amenities available such as swimming pools, equestrian centers, tennis courts and dance studios. The event planners send the students out cultural field trips, concert events and provide lessons for a variety of interest such as ballet and martial arts. Many students receive an allowance and are encouraged to have active social lives. The younger students are provided tutors, chaperones and housemothers to direct their activities. The homes are nicely decorated and provide private or semi-private bedrooms for each student to decorate to their own tastes. There are substantial costs involved in providing nice home lives for the students.


The End Result

Many students coming out of private schools get preference to some of the more elite colleges and universities. While private schools provide a high level of education, the students are expected to apply to colleges and continue their educations. A private school’s reputation can be the difference in getting accepted to top schools like Harvard. Statistically, students from private schools perform better on entrance exams and are better prepared for the stress of college learning. Finally, private school students are usually taught to be reliable, efficient and trustworthy. They are taught to be leaders an thinkers. The students are taught to have high standards in life. These advantages come at a premium price.

For anyone who might consider boarding schools or international schools, their reputations are good place to begin when deciding whether or not they are worth the price of admission. They cost more because the students get so much more. They get a better shot at the better things in life if they put forth the effort. Private schools are not for everyone, but for those who can afford the price, the possible benefits make everyone a winner.


Set Up An Online Store With No Technical Knowledge

It can be extremely frustrating when a person wants to set up an online store but is unable to do so because of a lack of technical knowledge. Luckily, there are many different websites that will allow customers to set up online retail sites without having to code at all.


Control Panel

Most websites will allow customers to set up an online store that can be entirely controlled from a control panel. This control panel has a large number of different options that customers can choose from in order to customize the website. Although coding a website will be able to ensure that a website exactly meets the customer’s specifications, the settings offered by the control panel can be used to change the sizes of the images of the products, how the images are set up, what the background and banners look like, and how the menu allows customers to navigate the site. This control panel is exceedingly easy to use and will enable a customer to make a website that will meet his or her needs.


Easy Store let you start online business without technical site building skills


Entry Page

Beyond the control panel will be the entry page. This is the page that the customer will use to put in the items that he or she wants to sell. Instead of having to enter everything in an HTML file, the customer can simply upload a picture of the item, write a description, and include the price. This will allow customers to find out everything they need to know to make a decision about the product.


Checkout Page

Another component of websites that allow customers to set up an online store for free is that of the checkout page. This page will allow a customer to see what items he or she has selected to put in his or her shopping cart, as well as what his or her total cost will be. This is the page that the customer can use to select a shipping option as well. Once the customer has finished shopping, he or she will be able to enter the credit card information and complete the transaction. This page is extremely secure and will not allow the customer’s private information to be stolen. Many sites that allow a customer to build an online retail site will be sure to accommodate PayPal and other common payment options. You should try this live easy checkout page.


Technical Help

Although it is easy to build an online store, there will inevitably be problems. In order to ensure that the customer is able to actually build a store that will meet his or her needs, many companies will have 24/7 customer assistance hotlines that will provide technical assistance. This will reduce the levels of frustration that users may experience and will allow an online store to be created without delay. Technical support will also be available after the site has been created to ensure that the site remains fully functional.



How to Create Your Own Weight Loss Plan

A lot of different men and women believe that they have done everything they could to lose weight. You might become discouraged when you are not able to obtain the results that you were looking for. Many different diet plans focus on eating a lot in small quantities or eating a little in large quantities. The key to getting better results involves creating a personalized weight loss plan that can help you lead a healthier lifestyle. This is also the key to maintaining your smaller size for a long time.


Writing Down What You Eat

One of the most important parts of losing weight involves knowing what you eat. For example, you can write down everything that you have eaten in intervals that last for three days. Do not forget to write down the soda and juice that you drink or the different snacks that you might eat. You can even show various professionals what you write down in order to get different types of advice from diet specialists.


Slimming quotes



Write Down What You Do

You should also write down any physical activities that you take part in each day. This will help you figure out what you need to add to the routine of your life. These activities should last at least 30 minutes and can even include playing sports, going to the gym and walking your pets. Do not forget to write down your weight as well. However, losing weight does not happen overnight. It takes time to gain or lose weight and it will be based on what you eat and how much you do.


Slimming quotes2



Creating a Meal Plan

Once you have recorded information about what you eat, you can begin to work on a weight loss diet plan. Your first plan should cover three days. Knowing what you eat can help you lose more weight. Go through your food journal and pick out three different types of unhealthy food that you ate. Replace these choices with other healthier options like fruit. It is important to stick to your meal plan.





Performing Physical Activities

Eating healthier is not the only part of working on a weight loss plan that works for you. You should also try to do at least one activity a day that gets you moving and takes at least 30 minutes. Performing various physical activities can help you burn more fat. This might include going for a bike ride, dancing, skating and even using fun workout videos. These activities help you burn between 200 calories and 400 calories.


slimming exercise



Enjoying Yourself

A lot of men and women give themselves a treat after around a week of dieting and working out. For example, you can give yourself a slice of cake, a burger at your favorite restaurant or your favorite sweet treat. However, you have to watch how much you eat and you need to make sure that you do not overindulge. Eating more than one treat for multiple days at a time can make it more difficult for you to keep track of your cravings.


little ice cream


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3 Simplest Home Storage Ideas

Storage can be a blessing or it can be a curse, depending on the size of your home or apartment. While saving money on rent, a smaller living space may require you to cut down on the amount of stuff you have simply because there is no room for it. If you want to keep your stuff and still have an open livable space, you will need to get creative with the way you choose to store your items.


Choosing Storage Products

When choosing storage products, you will first want to evaluate your living space. Things such as storage cupboards Ethnicraft® are readily available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and strengths, so it is important to know what your wall can hold as well as what will fit in your color scheme. You can also find products that have hidden storage, such as platform bed frames, ottomans and coffee tables. All of these items will help keep any room in your home organized and clutter free.




ottoman with storage




Think Vertical

When your floorspace is filled with furniture and other items, it may be time to look up to see what type of storage options you have for your vertical space. Walls shelves are a great way to display some of your favorite items. Using vertical space can also mean shopping for furniture that lifts up or folds up against the wall when you are not using it. This can free up plenty of floorspace for parties, dinners and other entertainment events.


wall shelve



Fill in Empty Spaces

There are always some spaces in a home or apartment that don’t really get filled with stuff, but could have storage potential with the right storage solutions. If you have a small nook, for example, with a few shelves on the wall you can turn it into a great book nook. If you have empty space under the stairs, you can turn it into a cozy alcove for studying or relaxing. You don’t have to fill up these odd spaces completely, but it can lead to having a little bit of space for more stuff.





If you have tried all of these options and are still swimming in old dishes, piles or books and your spring wardrobe, it may be time to pair down your belongings. To keep your storage spaces organized, it is important to do a yearly assessment so you can maintain the things you love and donate the things you are no longer using.