The Gentleman’s Guide for Starting a Modern Luxury Watch Collection

In every man’s life, there comes a time when he really starts to pay attention to the concept of time and begins to value it. In fact, he starts to value it to the degree that he wants to wear ‘time’ in the form of an attractive wrist piece. Once he’s reached this point in his life, it’s time to start collecting watches.

This process should ideally have a great deal of thought behind. As a savvy and wise gentleman, you should perform some research before choosing your first luxury watch. You’ll need a keen and vast understanding of what’s available out there in addition to picking pieces that reflect your own personal style and character. Naturally of course, you’ll need to consider your financial limitations as well.

Unless you intend to spend anywhere from $7,000 – $10,000, don’t expect to buy a timepiece that’s considered an investment. The point is to buy something that you actually love. But, you’ll have to do your homework first. It’s a shame to spend a substantial amount of money on something that isn’t as valuable as you thought.


What Features in a Watch Do You Want? 

The first thing you’ll have to consider is what features do you really want in a watch. Do you prefer manual (wind up by hand) or an automatic? Do you want a brand new watch or do you like the look and feel of a vintage watch?

There are many other things you’ll need to consider for your watch collection as well.

Like a number of other things regarding men’s attire, it’s better to keep your wrist watch fairly restrained and simple in nature. Not restrained meaning that you should never wear a $30,000 watch, but in the sense you should never wear a gaudy, oversized, super-embellished watch that’s ‘too much’. In fact, a watch shouldn’t be so large that the cuff of your shirt can’t fit over the piece. A huge, flashy watch on somebody else’s wrist staring you in the face is not only distracting, but somewhat garish as well. It literally takes your focus away from what really matters, like the face of the wearer.

Go Vintage and Save Money

Suppose you want to buy your first time piece at a reasonably low price, such as around $500 or less. In this case, going vintage may be the best way to go. Ensure that the vintage piece you’re considering buying has as many of its original parts included as possible, particularly when it comes to things you can visually see, such as the face or the dial. In other words, a vintage piece should look vintage.

The ideal watch for a genuine vintage watch collector is one that’s never been altered in any way or serviced.

Brand New Watches 

Things are somewhat different when it comes to brand new watches. In order to get a good-working mechanical watch for less than $500, check out what standard department stores have to offer. However, you may also buy luxury watches in Malaysia @ CollectorsTime that could potentially include a number of moderately inexpensive time pieces that can suit your personal tastes for your collection as well.

The main thing is to take good care of your watch by keeping it away from strong magnets like buckyballs or big speakers. Even though it’s unlikely, it may shift the pieces around inside. Be careful about exposing your watch to extreme temperatures. Although it’s usually not a problem, contraction and expansion can sometimes mess with the insides of a watch.

Be mindful of the way you actually use your watch in terms of style. It’s not ideal to wear a digital or sports watch with a business suit. It just won’t look right. Having said that, you’ll need to service your new watch, especially if it’s a high-end model. If your watch is brand new, simply take it where you bought it for service. If your vintage piece needs serviced, use an expert in the field who understands the intricacies of vintage watch pieces and the way they work.

Keep adding more and more pieces to your luxury watch collection whenever you can, and in time, you’ll have a time piece for kind of occasion you attend.

4 Tips to Start Riding Like a Pro

No matter how much a cyclist may train, it often seems like the gap between amateur riders and pro riders is insurmountable. The average cyclist may never hit the speeds of a professional or match their pace during a long ride, but there are some simple steps that they can take to make the most out of every ride. Here is a closer look at 4 simple tips and tricks that could help you start riding faster, safer, and more efficiently than ever before.

1. Divide Your Rides

One of the most important skills that a new cyclist can develop is impeccable pacing during arduous rides. Many will hit that halfway mark in a ride only to find themselves almost out of energy. An easy way to avoid this is to start dividing rides into thirds or fourths. By creating benchmarks for a ride or race, a cyclist will constantly be reminded of how much energy they will need to complete the ride at a strong pace without burning themselves out at the start.

2. Pre-Race Cleaning and Maintenance

Those that are getting serious about cycling have no doubt invested in a reasonable bicycle, but failing to maintain and clean the bike will result in a wasted investment. On average, about 10 minutes of cleaning should take place before every serious ride. At the very least, every cyclist should be able to lube their own chains, switch out tubes, and replace all basic components. Comprehensive tune-ups will most likely be needed once or twice a year as the cyclist begins to ride more.

3. Don’t Skimp on Gear

When it comes to shoes, helmets, repair packs, or even or even cycling jerseys in Malaysia, riders should never cheat themselves by going with second-rate products. Even more dangerous is opting for cheap or second-rate safety gear that could result in major injuries or death. All gear should be purchased and tested well before any serious rides and cyclists should be comfortable with their helmets, shorts, jerseys, gloves, and eyewear.

4. Get Comfortable With Group Riding

Once a cyclist has a well-tuned bike, has broken in their gear, and understands the basics of safety and pacing, it is then time to get serious about group rides. Solo cyclists are often surprised to hear that they will burn an average of 30 percent more calories per ride than those that are riding in groups. When it comes to group riding, however, the most important thing is safety. Newer riders can start by riding in the rear of the pack and get an idea about rotations, speed, and other paceline skills.

These few tips are only the beginning when it comes to riding like the pros. Every cyclist should take the time to reevaluate their skills every few weeks and never be afraid to seek out help from experienced riders when they inevitably begin to hit roadblocks.

Best Tips to Find Affordable Rental Property in Singapore

In most cases, a person’s rental payment is a large expense in their budget. In an expensive rental market like Singapore, the monthly rental payment may be the largest expense by far, and many people who are searching for rental property in Singapore are looking for an affordable option. Structuring an affordable rental payment can make your life easier throughout the entire length of your lease term, and there are different ways that you can more easily find an affordable place to live.

Explore All of the Options

If you are like many others who are looking for a great place to live in Singapore, you may be looking for a cheap studio apartment with a rental payment that is manageable. However, there are other affordable options to consider besides a small studio unit. For example, a small condominium or even an HDB flat may be more affordable in some cases than a studio unit. There are different options on the market at various times, so there is not one specific type of unit that is always most affordable. It is best to expand your search to include more property types so that you do not overlook a great deal.

Consider Getting a Roommate

Another idea that may work great for you is to get a larger unit and to take on a roommate. The price difference between a one and two bedroom apartment may be minimal, and this means that splitting the rent in half for a two bedroom apartment or condo unit may be much more cost effective than paying the rent for a one bedroom apartment by yourself. You can research the options carefully, and consider asking a friend who is also looking for an affordable place to live if he or she is interested in rooming with you. Sharing the rent payment with a family member, such as a sibling or cousin, is another good option. This structure can help you to save a lot of money on your monthly rent.

Think About Commuting

The rental rates throughout Singapore can vary, and some areas have far more affordable rental rates than others. You may be trying to find a place to rent that is close to where you work. However, if you work in an area that has high rental rates, it may be a better idea to commute. You can look at more affordable areas of Singapore that may be near the MRT. This way, you can save money on your rental payment without being inconvenienced by a long, cumbersome commute to work each day.

Finding a rental property in Singapore that is affordable can seem impossible in some cases. Often, people feel this way when they have narrowed their options too drastically and are not thinking outside the box. You may consider expanding your search criteria and location as well as thinking about roommates and other creative structures to find an affordable place to live in Singapore.

5 Tips on How to Care For Your Dining Room Table And Chairs

Your wood dining table and dining chairs become a part of your home’s design once they are installed. Your dining room is the place where you entertain family and friends with good food and company. You must choose the most beautiful chairs you can imagine for your dining room, and you must look after the table chairs every year to ensure they have long lives.

#1: Clean Them Immediately

Your dining room tables and chairs will get dirty during every meal. Food stains are the enemy of the stain on each furniture piece, and you must clean up the table and chairs when the meal is over. Spending an extra few moments cleaning these items while the dishes are being done is a wise use of your time.

#2: Oil The Table And Chairs Yearly

Take your table and chairs to a ventilated room in the house for a thorough oil job. The oils that are used to treat wood furniture create moisture in the wood that will prevent cracking. Small cracks in the wood that accept the oil will begin to seal up over time, and the wood will be moist enough to last another year. Skipping even one year of oiling could set your furniture back significantly.

#3: Use Cushions And Trivets

Your dining room table is a place where food is served and people sit down. You must put cushions on each chair to reduce the wear on the seat of the chair. Your chairs could receive uneven wear that will make them all look different. Your chairs lose their style and appeal through uneven wear.

The table can be damaged by hot plates and pots you use for serving. Trivets are absolutely necessary during mealtime. The wood on the table could crack due to a sudden change in temperature, and a crack is very hard to repair on the tabletop.

#4: Use The Table Regularly

Do not allow your dining room table to go unused. The table will begin to break down if you leave it be for too long, and the table could become an afterthought in your home. A table that is left to its own devices will break down more quickly than a table you use and care for often.

#5: The Hardware

The hardware used on the table should be tightened and cleaned just as everything else would be. The bolts and screws in the table should be tightened to prevent the table from falling apart, and the pulls on drawers should be tightened to prevent them from falling off. Your table must remain intact if you want it to retain its value.

Your dining room table and chairs are precious heirlooms that can stay in your family for more than a generation. Take care of them using the tips in this article, and watch as the table seemingly does not age. Your home will grow up around a dining room table and chairs that are suspended in time.

3 Important Tips to Consider Before Buying Property in Singapore

Owning property in Singapore is not easy because it involves various procedures that may be complicated to some people. A person needs first to confirm if the seller is legitimate by getting that information from a trusted real agent. The information may include a detailed transaction procedure and also the property taxes. The following are three important tips to consider before buying property in Singapore:

1. Real estate agents

In Singapore, properties are either acquired through leasehold or freehold tenure. In leasehold tenure, the buyer possesses the property for an indefinite period of time.freehold tenure involves the buyer owning the property for a specified period of time, and upon the expiration of the agreed duration, the property reverts back to the state. Purchasing property through real estate agents ensures the process is properly documented. An agent’s working knowledge of the Singaporean real estate market ensures that the clients are provided with accurate information, and helped in making important decisions. The agent will shortlist property for your approval and then you will be required to make a trip to the property and make sure that it satisfies you. A person should also check the fixtures, interior, and exterior design.You are supposed to be completely satisfied with the condition of the property before agreeing on the selling price.




2. Foreign ownership

The Singaporean government restricts foreign ownership of private residential properties. If a foreigner wants to buy an apartment or condominium units, he does not need to contact the Singaporean government. But if the property being acquired includes houses and bungalows, then it becomes mandatory to obtain an approval from the Singapore Land Authority.

condo-realtor-foreign-buyerProperties covered by HDB in Singapore adhere to the regulation that foreigners are not permanent residents; therefore, they cannot purchase an executive condominium through the open market.


HDB flats

In this arrangement, it becomes mandatory to contact the developer of the property. Permanent residents are not prohibited from purchasing HDB flats directly from the HDB as long as they form a family nucleus with a citizen of Singapore. Permanent residents are also allowed to buy HDB flats from the resale market, although they are supposed to enlist a single occupier as a citizen of Singapore.


3. Solicitor

You should involve the services of an attorney when you are purchasing property in Singapore.

7167377_origA lawyer is supposed to conduct necessary searches and ensure that the ownership of the property is legitimate. A solicitor is the one who will lodge a caveat that is supposed to notify the general public of the buyer’s intention to own the property. A solicitor will check the credentials and reputation of the seller to confirm if the alterations and renovations of the property were correctly done and approved.


Sign a document referred to as An Option to Purchase

After you have made your choice, you are supposed to sign a document referred to as An Option to Purchase. The report gives the buyer fourteen days in which he is supposed to decide if he will be buying the property or not. At this stage of the purchase, the buyer is required to have at least one percent of the purchase price ready. The documents are then sent to the seller’s solicitor. As the buyer, you are supposed to have paid nine percent of the purchase price at this stage.

Real Estate Sale

Purchasing property in Singapore is a brilliant idea if you are looking forward to becoming a permanent resident or an investor. Singapore has a robust economy with a real estate market that is stable. So, if you are planning to buy a property, please look at the Singapore’s property listing and choose the appropriate property for your investment.


Quick Weight Loss Tips That Really Work

Maintaining a healthy body weight is not an easy thing to accomplish. Eating meals out at restaurants make it hard to cut down on calories. If you are overweight, there are a number of treatments that you can undergo to get rid of unwanted pounds. ZELTIQ Coolscupting treatments in Singapore is a fat freezing treatment that has helped over one million people throughout the world lose weight. Other methods include diet pills, supplements and exercise programs. Special diets do not work since they are only a temporary solution for weight loss.


Weight Loss Tips

Diet pills are intended to make you less hungry so you will not be tempted to overeat. Diet supplements curb your appetite and give you additional vitamins and minerals. These methods work for some people but not all. Everyone is different, and you should choose the method for losing weight that suits you. Do not skip breakfast since it will give you the ability to make wise food choices when it is lunchtime. Skipping breakfast will make you hungry enough to overeat later on in the day. It will also keep your blood sugar in check.

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If you must eat dessert, there is a little trick you can try to avoid eating too many calories. Take three small bites, and then push the plate away. Start your meals by eating a small salad. This will help fill you up and make you less likely to overeat. Experts recommend eating six small meals a day instead of three larger ones. Keep track of your daily calories to become aware of how much you eat each day. Experts recommend losing no more than two pounds a week. This will help you lose weight and keep it off.


An exercise program is any activity where you increase your heart rate. Even cleaning house, washing the car or mowing the grass is a form of exercise. Start an exercise program that combines aerobics and weight training for faster weight loss. Be sure to ask your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine. If you do not have exercise experience, consider hiring a fitness coach for advice on diet and exercise. If you drink a glass of water before meals, it will curb your appetite. Stay busy with a hobby to avoid overeating from boredom.

Eat at least every three hours to keep your metabolism in high gear. This will also help you avoid food cravings that add up the calories each day. Write down your weight loss and fitness goals in a training diary. This will help keep you motivated to work out. Look at fitness magazine photos and find a role model. Take a few minutes each day to visualize your body looking like your role model. Visualization works well for Olympic athletes, it will also work for your weight loss goals.


If you only have time to exercise for 30 minutes a day, then choose strength training. Adding muscle mass to your body will increase your metabolism. At the end of the day, weight loss comes down to the amount of calories you burn versus what you eat. Many online calorie counters make it easy for you to track your calories on your smartphone.


Use App to keep track of your daily calories

Ask a friend who needs to lose weight to work out with you. This can keep you motivated and less likely to stop working out. Dieting does not mean starving yourself. You can have plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits and whole-grains that you should not feel deprived. A successful weight loss plan will keep you focused on your goals and increase your chance of success.