Everything You Need to Know About Whitening Your Skin

skin-whitening-home-remediesAs part of an overall beauty treatment, a skin whitening treatment (refer PriveClinic.com) can be used to address your skin problems such as acne scars and age spots. These treatments reduce the pigment known as melanin in the skin and can be used to lighten skin that is naturally dark. A number of products are available to achieve this outcome, such as bleaching creams, skin lighteners, fade and whiteners.

One of the most popular methods of skin lightening is the cosmetic treatment known as skin bleaching. This treatment evens out the color and reduces the appearance of discolored areas of your skin. Although bleaching creams are available by prescription, some are also available over the counter at your local drug store. Skin lighteners can also be used to alter your complexion, and some people even apply these products all over their body. However, you must be careful when using skin lighteners to make sure they do not contain mercury as an active ingredient (mercury can lead to major kidney, neurological and psychiatric issues). Although mercury in skin lighteners is banned in the United States, products produced internationally may still contain this potentially dangerous ingredient.

The most common ingredient used in skin lighteners sold in the USA is hydroquinone, which is regulated by the FDA. Prescription skin lighteners may contain up to four percent hydroquinone, where over the counter lighteners may contain a maximum of two percent. Some skin lighteners utilize drugs such as steroids as an active ingredient, where others use natural ingredients.

As with other major beauty treatments, the use of skin lighteners may pose potential risks. For example, the extended use of these lighteners can cause the early aging of skin as well as an increase in skin cancer risk from sun exposure. In addition, the steroids used in some products may elevate the risks of acne and skin infections. Finally, some of the bleaching ingredients used in skin lightening products may cause an allergic reaction or irritation of the skin. Therefore, you should always consult with your doctor prior to using a skin lightening product and remember to ensure that there is no mercury in the ingredients (sometimes noted as mercurio, calomel, mercurous or mercuric).



Doing Your Makeup for School: A How-To Guide

Headed back to school? You don’t have to stop using all the makeup techniques you learned over the summer; you just need to minimize them a little. Here’s a quick tutorial for creating a great face for the new school year.

 1: Decide Your Look

Do you have a pretty, wholesome image? Then you’ll probably want natural makeup without a lot of color. Or maybe you’re known for your bold fashion choices? Decide in advance whether you’d like to have dramatic eye makeup or full, luscious lips for the day. Don’t do both, not unless you want to get sent to the principal’s office.

✿ 2: Choose Your Cosmetics

As much as you may love Clinique, it isn’t really appropriate for the classroom. Instead, try something light and flirty like Too Cool for School cosmetics. They have dozens of colors, glosses and finishes for your lashes and lips, and all of them have been designed specifically for young people.



✿ 3: Use Concealer First

Most women apply foundation first, but if you’re trying to minimize your makeup for school, start with concealer. Dab a little under your eyes and on top of any blemishes or breakouts. Try not to spread it all across your face; that’s what you’ll be doing with foundation later. Use concealer only for imperfections.


First Day of School Statement Makeup/Hair!


✿ 4: Get The Foundation Right

A bad application of foundation will throw off your entire look. Be very careful when you put it on, and if it doesn’t look right the first time, don’t be afraid to wash it all off and start again. You want your foundation spread evenly across the skin and without any visible lines, cracks or build-ups.

✿ 5: Know Your Blushes

This is where a lot of young makeup wearers go wrong; they apply either too much blush or blush that doesn’t match their skin tone. If you have fair skin, stick to pinks, peaches and corals instead of deep bronzers. If you have dark skin, the bronzers are your best choice because anything lighter will need to be caked on to be seen.

Back To School Makeup Haul!


✿ 6: Define Your Eyebrows

Well-groomed eyebrows are a must for school. Get them professionally done at least once before summer draws to a close, and then you can simply pluck the stray hairs that grow back over the semester. You might also want to invest in an eyebrow brush to keep them looking neat and clean.

✿ 7: Pick Between Shadow and Liner

Again, this may be a good combo for the weekend, but it won’t fly under the strict gazes of parents and teachers. Choose either a colorful eye shadow or a thick eye liner. The good news is that mascara can still be used with both!

These are just a few quick tips for doing your makeup as a student. Use them wisely to turn every head in the hallway!


What is Server Colocation?

Colocation is the main alternative for small companies that do not have the resources or the time to have both private servers and the IT team needed to maintain them. Essentially, colocation is when a small companies owns a server and takes it to a web hosting company’s location. Upon arriving at the location, the server will be plugged into the rack and will have access to the rack’s bandwidth. An IP address will be provided for the server. The main difference between server colocation and normal web hosting is that the server is owned by the client, rather than the hosting company.

Advantages of Colocation

  • Cost of Bandwidth
    The biggest advantage that is associated with colocation is that the cost of bandwidth is lower. Colocation tends to cost slightly more than regular website leasing, but usually colocation centers have much greater bandwidth and better redundancy with regards to connections to the network.
  • Better Outage Protection
    Colocation centers have power generators in the case that the power goes out, whereas companies that host servers in their offices do not often have those generators. A company that uses a colocation center’s services is paying for those generators and the peace of mind that they provide. There is a very low likelihood that a company’s website will fail in the case of a pwoer outage.
  • More Control Over the Server
    Should changes need to be made to the server, such as an upgrade, the client that owns the server can make those changes immediately and not have to wait for the provider to take action. The same principle applies to the software that the system is running. If the software should stop meeting the needs of the client, it can be changed or upgraded without delay.
  • No Need to Move the Server
    Should a company change locations, there is no need to move the server. The website will be able to remain fully operational throughout the move.
  • Additional Security
    The environment in which the server is stored at a colocation center is often much more secure than the environment it would be in if it were stored at a client’s headquarters.
  • No IT Team Needed
    When a client pays for a server to be stored at a colocation center, he or she is also has the choice to pay for the server to be maintained. If the client chooses to do so, the need for a private IT team is removed, saving the client money.


Disadvantages of Colocation

  • Hard to Find
    Colocation centers are not as common as normal website hosting companies. It is important to find on nearby so that it can be easily upgraded or reconfigured as needed. The easiest place to find colocation centers is near large cities.
  • More Expensive
    Colocation is unquestionably more expensive than website hosting, especially since the maintenance services need to be paid for separately, or maintenance needs to be performed by the client on a regular basis.
  • Limited Physical Access
    Because the server is not on the physical premises of the company, it is more difficult to access. Should the server need to be maintained, a representative from the client company will need to travel to the colocation center during its business hours, which can be inconvenient for many companies.
  • Pay for Maintenance
    If the company should move too far away from the colocation center, it will either have to move the server or pay for maintenance to be performed.

Colocation Benefits



3 Tips to Consolidate Debt With Credit Cards

Many consumers have heard the term “debt consolidation,” but not all of them truly understand the benefits of it and the versions of it. A consolidation is the merging of several accounts into one account. The main benefit of a consolidation is that the consumer only has to pay one monthly payment instead of various payments. A consolidation can increase a credit score and reduce clutter. Additionally, a consolidation save a person money. You can use a credit card to perform a consolidation if your credit is in the above average to excellent range. The following describes the process you would use to do such:

Search for the Right Card
The name of the type of credit card that you would need to perform a debt consolidation is a “balance transfer” card. The best way to narrow your selections down to balance transfer cards is to use a comparison tool to cocredit-cardmpare credit cards. A comparison tool is a handy site or application that allows you to view the features and benefits of several credit cards at one time. A comparison tool will give you a clear picture of the options you have for annual percentage rate, special benefits, balance limit and more. You will also have the opportunity to view consumer ratings and commentary. You should view consumer input very carefully, as it will make your experience safe and secure.

Find the Benefits You Need
You should take a moment to write down the options that you like to have in a credit card. With so many cards available, it would be quite easy for you to find a balance transfer card that has other options such as cash rewards or point rewards. You can also search for other benefits such as an eliminated annual fee. Some cards come with amazing features such as hotel discounts, rental car discounts, special club memberships, roadside assistance and more. You will research these elements during your quest for the perfect card.

Select a 0-Percent Interest Card
Many balance transfer credit cards have interest-free introductory periods that will save you a great deal of money (see UOB Credit Card in Malaysia). An interest-free introductory period is the credit card company’s way of thanking you for your business. You can use your comparison tool to find a card that offers 90 days, 12 months or 18 months of interest-free card usage. You can use this period to pay down your transferred debts without having to pay extra monies.

Once you have matched a credit card to your desires, you can complete an application. You may have the opportunity to receive an immediate decision from one of the top providers in the industry.




4 Great Reasons for Why Renting Office Space is Beneficial

Acquiring office space is a huge priority for companies. It’s very hard for any company to be successful if it does not have adequate office space. Different companies have different requirements when it comes to business success. Factors such as budget and location determine the type of space that a company needs. In addition, all companies want an office space that is functional, comfortable, modern, affordable and safe.

When acquiring new office space, a company has to decide if renting or buying is the best option. Business and office solutions such as these can greatly impact the company. However, the following are just a few reasons for why renting office space is very beneficial:



Renting office space might be better because of the amenities. For instance, things such as security guard service, on-site cafeterias, gym facilities or even covered parking are available via certain rental agreements. These are all things that are valuable to both customers and employees. They are also things that your company might not be able to get when purchasing office space.




Move-in Ready

You don’t have to worry about planning or designing when you rent an office space. This has already been done by the property owner. The property is move-in ready. Search for the office space that has the best floor plan and design for your company’s needs. It might take a while to find the best space, but it will be well worth it because the space is move-in ready.


Great Locations

Most leasing companies have already obtained prime real estate in popular business districts. Many of these locations have basic amenities that customers and employees find very valuable. Consider things such as parking, the surrounding businesses and safety when renting office space. Also, it is usually easier to find rental properties in these prime business districts as opposed to finding properties for sale.


Office Exterior


Easy to Vacate

You don’t have to find a new buyer for a rental property. The property owner handles this for you. This is not the case if you are the property owner. When the terms of the rental agreement are fulfilled, your company is free to move on to the next rental property. This is something that all business owners should consider. For instance, what if the business has to close without warning? It’ll be harder to move on if your company owns the property.

In conclusion, companies must consider many factors before acquiring office space. They have the option to either rent or buy office space. Although there are both advantages and disadvantages for both, it is easy to see how renting office space can be very beneficial.

Bike Helmet Sizing Tips to Get The Right Fit

Your bicycle helmet is your first line of protection against falls, crashes and other incidents. A helmet that is too big will not help you because it can easily fall off your head. A helmet that is too small will cause you discomfort, and it still may not protect you should something happen. Therefore, you must properly size your helmet so that you can maximize your safety and comfort. The following are a few tips to help you buy the perfect bike helmet online:


Figure Your Circumference

Manufacturers base their helmet sizes on the circumference of your head. The circumference is the distance around your head. The best way to measure your circumference is by purchasing a flexible tape measure and starting at an area above your eyebrows. Press you finger down on one end of the tape measure, and then slowly wrap the rest of the tape measure around your head. The reading will tell you the number you need for the next step, which is reading the chart. Not all manufactures us a precise science, so you may want to conduct research on the manufacturer to see if any customers mentioned that the sizes do not quite match.



Read a Helmet Chart

You will most likely find a helmet size chart on any website that sells helmets. Vendors want you to purchase the correct size so that you can remain safe at all times. The smallest helmets in existence are the toddler helmets. Toddler helmets are for heads that are 18.5 inches or less. Small helmets are between 19 inches and 20.86 inches. Medium helmets range from 21.25 inches to 22.375 inches. The chart will explain to you where you fit in as far as size. After you find out your size, you will still need to perform some other tasks to gauge your fit.

Bike Helmet Guide

Try Some Helmets

If you are shopping online, then you will not have the privilege of trying the helmet before you buy it. However, you can visit some physical locations and try similar helmets to what you see online. This will give you an idea of whether the fit of a helmet is snug enough for you. A properly fitting helmet will feel snug, but you will still have some level of comfort in it. The helmet should not have much play, meaning that you should not be able to move to either side or to the front or back while it is on your head. Once you find the perfect fit, then you can purchase your helmet online.

Foldable Bike Helmet