Doing Your Makeup for School: A How-To Guide

Headed back to school? You don’t have to stop using all the makeup techniques you learned over the summer; you just need to minimize them a little. Here’s a quick tutorial for creating a great face for the new school year.

 1: Decide Your Look

Do you have a pretty, wholesome image? Then you’ll probably want natural makeup without a lot of color. Or maybe you’re known for your bold fashion choices? Decide in advance whether you’d like to have dramatic eye makeup or full, luscious lips for the day. Don’t do both, not unless you want to get sent to the principal’s office.

✿ 2: Choose Your Cosmetics

As much as you may love Clinique, it isn’t really appropriate for the classroom. Instead, try something light and flirty like Too Cool for School cosmetics. They have dozens of colors, glosses and finishes for your lashes and lips, and all of them have been designed specifically for young people.



✿ 3: Use Concealer First

Most women apply foundation first, but if you’re trying to minimize your makeup for school, start with concealer. Dab a little under your eyes and on top of any blemishes or breakouts. Try not to spread it all across your face; that’s what you’ll be doing with foundation later. Use concealer only for imperfections.


First Day of School Statement Makeup/Hair!


✿ 4: Get The Foundation Right

A bad application of foundation will throw off your entire look. Be very careful when you put it on, and if it doesn’t look right the first time, don’t be afraid to wash it all off and start again. You want your foundation spread evenly across the skin and without any visible lines, cracks or build-ups.

✿ 5: Know Your Blushes

This is where a lot of young makeup wearers go wrong; they apply either too much blush or blush that doesn’t match their skin tone. If you have fair skin, stick to pinks, peaches and corals instead of deep bronzers. If you have dark skin, the bronzers are your best choice because anything lighter will need to be caked on to be seen.

Back To School Makeup Haul!


✿ 6: Define Your Eyebrows

Well-groomed eyebrows are a must for school. Get them professionally done at least once before summer draws to a close, and then you can simply pluck the stray hairs that grow back over the semester. You might also want to invest in an eyebrow brush to keep them looking neat and clean.

✿ 7: Pick Between Shadow and Liner

Again, this may be a good combo for the weekend, but it won’t fly under the strict gazes of parents and teachers. Choose either a colorful eye shadow or a thick eye liner. The good news is that mascara can still be used with both!

These are just a few quick tips for doing your makeup as a student. Use them wisely to turn every head in the hallway!