Types of Wax Used for Hair Removal

Hair removal is a serious concern for anyone who wants to appear sensual, feminine or just well-kept. Waxing is a popular solution because the results last longer than shaving and frequently cause less ingrown hairs. As at-home is readily available from drug stores, and many salons provide the services, more types of wax now exist than ever before.


Strip and Stripless Wax

The two basic types of wax are strip and stripless, and many beauty salons will carry both. Strip wax, or soft wax, uses a fabric strip that users press down to the wax. They then pull the fabric away from the skin to remove hair. This wax tends to be thinner and is good for areas of the body that are less sensitive. Because stripless wax, or hard wax, doesn’t require strip application, the entire process may go more quickly than with strips.

Stripless wax is thicker and doesn’t require the muslin strip. Users pull the wax itself away from the body, and hard wax is often better for more sensitive parts of the body, including the face.


Pre-waxed Strips

For at-home users, some kits come with pre-waxed strips that do not require them to apply wax and then the strips separately. These strips usually come in pairs, which the users pull away. The wax on pre-waxed strips is frequently thin and requires only the hands to be warmed to usable temperature.


Hot Wax

Hot wax is the type that most people are familiar with. It requires heating, often over a burner or in a microwave. There is an ideal temperature for hot wax, and overly-hot wax may burn the skin, especially in sensitive locations. As hot wax cools, it becomes more difficult to apply, so reheating may be necessary. Ingredients may differ between brands and typos of hot wax, so consumers should examine the list before making a purchase if they’re away of any ingredient sensitivities.


Ready to Use Wax

Ready-to-use wax requires no special heating, and uses can use a tool to apply it to skin directly out of the container. This is becoming more popular as people have burned themselves on hot wax in the past. However, it may not apply as well as hot wax if the formula isn’t correct.


Wax Made at Home

Home-made wax is popular among consumers who want to save money and move away from chemicals that may exist in store-bought wax. Some formulas include sugar, honey, wax and lemon juice. However, the texture is not quite like that of actually wax. Recipes like this do require heating and can separate if not fully stirred.

Wax as a hair removal technique does not provide permanent results like laser to remove hair permanently. Users will reapply wax when hair begins to show. However, the wax requires hair that is long enough to grab onto, and this may mean that hair must become longer and more obvious in between waxing sessions. For users who want an absolutely hairless look, professional services like those from a beauty clinic in Singapore (Privé Clinic)might provide the best balance between beauty and the wallet.