Career Tips: How to Appeal to Hiring Agencies

The job market has changed tremendously over the past two decades. For a long time, people could job hunt by looking in the local newspaper, and they could visit various businesses to inquire about job openings. Just with these efforts along, many people could find a job.

However, as the job market has tightened, and businesses have reduced personnel, job seekers are finding it harder to find available jobs. In addition, many organizations have changed their method of placing jobs opportunities. Today, many organizations use hiring agencies to handle all the details of their job openings instead of handling the details in-house.

With hiring agencies becoming the method of choice for many organizations, job seekers need to learn ways to improve their chances of getting hired through hiring agencies (learn How International Executive Search Firms Can Help Your Career). For most job seekers, there are three ways that they can easily improve their chances of appealing to hiring agencies, which are an eye-catching resume, specific skill sets, and educational accomplishments.

Eye-Catching Resume 
Hiring agencies receive thousands of resumes monthly, and the reviewers of these resumes are looking for people to call for interviews concerning their clients’ job openings. Therefore, job seekers should construct their resumes in a manner that makes the resumes easy to scan, and provide information in such a way that the personality of the job seekers jump off the page demanding an interview.

Specific Skill Sets 
Most hiring agencies are provided very specific job requirements by their clients. Therefore, when hiring agencies are looking for people to fill available jobs, the hiring agencies are usually looking for specific skill sets to match to the open jobs. For job seekers, it is an advantage to let the hiring agencies know about all the skill sets that they have acquired through education, training, and experience.

Educational Accomplishments 
Many clients that use hiring agencies want the hiring agencies to screen job seekers for their available jobs, and one of the ways that hiring agencies accomplish this tasks is by using educational accomplishments such as college degrees and certifications to reduce the number of applicants to consider for available jobs. Therefore, job seekers should try to obtain degrees or certifications within their area of interest to increase the likelihood of receiving interviews through hiring agencies.

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