Inflating Bicycle Tyres: How To Do It Right

Within a bicycle’s tire is a durable rubber tube that holds compressed air. Changes in the weather, long-term storage and punctures to the tire can all cause your tires to lose pressure. A bike tire with insufficient air pressure can’t support itself and you won’t be able to ride your bike. Knowing how to pump air into bicycle tires the right way can help you have a safer and better ride.


Gather Supplies

To properly pump air into your bicycle tires, you’ll need a few supplies. A manual air pump or electric air pump will do the job equally well. You’ll also need a pressure gauge and a spare rubber tube in the proper size for your bike’s wheel in case the tube within the tire has burst. If you need a new tube for your tire, visit for this and any other bike supplies.


Bike Pump Seat Post

Bike Pump Seat Post



Preparing to Inflate the Bicycle Tires

Locate the cap to the air valve on the bicycle tire. Unscrew the cap. You’ve exposed the valve stem. Connect the hose end of the air pump to the valve stem on the bike tire. Either screw on the end cap of the air hose or latch it on for a proper fit.


Bicycle Maintenance : How to Inflate a Bicycle Tire




Perfect Pumping

If using a manual air pump, push the handle down. This pushes air into the bicycle tire’s tube. Measure the pressure of the bike tire using the pressure gauge. If the tire needs more air, give the handle another push. Repeat this process until the proper pressure level is achieved. If you’re using an electric air pump, you’ll just need to turn on the pump to inflate the tire. Use the slowest speed setting possible. If the pump has a built in gauge, use it to check the pressure of the tire. Verify the correct air pressure level by looking around the rim of the bike’s tire. The necessary pounds per square inch (PSI) for the tire should be written on the outer surface of the rim.


How To Pump A Road Bike Tire




Finishing the Job

Once you’ve filled the bicycle’s tire to the proper air pressure level, replace the protective cap onto the valve stem. This keeps the air inside and dirt, water and other debris out of the tire. If the air leaks out of the tire right away, the tube may need to be replaced. When there’s a new tube and the air still leaks out, the tire itself may need to be replaced. The rubber could be thin, the rim could be bent or the tire could have a puncture.


Ensuring the Best Results

Before putting away your air pump, check the other tire on the bicycle. Both tires should be inflated to the same level of air pressure in order to achieve the best possible ride.