The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Creating Monster Email Campaigns


A robust email marketing campaign should be an essential element of any marketing strategy. Email can be one of the most affordable and effective ways to build relationships, gather pertinent data, and help boost a business’s marketing ROI. To run a successful email campaign, marketers need to understand what their audience needs. The following tips can help you win at email marketing.

#1. Make sure there are links leading from an email to a landing page. The purpose is to give users an opportunity to sign up. Strong calls-to-action are also essential.

#2. Use as few images as possible. Keep in mind that an email is not a print mail piece. Most recipients won’t see the images in an email. Therefore, images take up space that could better utilized. Use text to convey critical messages.

#3. Make it easy for users to unsubscribe. Some may think it’s counter intuitive to provide an exit for users on your mailing list. However, if a user gets frustrated in trying to remove your email, they’ll likely report your email as spam. This action can count against your sender reputation with email providers.

#4. Optimize your email campaigns for mobile. Mobile use is on the rise, and there’s no stopping it. Emails that aren’t optimized for mobile users are likely to be deleted quickly. Mobile users are on the go. Make your emails count.

#5. Whenever possible, personalize your emails. Those who connect with you via email can appreciate your message if it appears to be one-on-one.

Automating your post-purchase messages is an excellent idea as well. Showing how much you care that a person took the time to make a purchase can help ensure the next sell.

Reliable e-mail hosting in Malaysia can be counted on to provide customers with a powerful and strategic email marketing plan. The ROI for targeted email campaigns can be significant.