What Are Some Popular Healthy Drinks?

With the health craze that is currently going on in the United States and all over the world, I am getting asked more and more often what my favorite healthy drinks are. I also get asked which ones I would recommend that people drink in order to help them get in better shape. I normally respond saying that it is really up to the consumer which drinks they buy.

However, I do have some advice for you as to what drinks you should buy. I highly recommend that you don’t purchase any soda at all, as that is the worst drink for you. I do recommend that you drink water at least 90% of the time as well. Whether you want to buy bottled water or drink water straight from your tap is up to you. However, for the times that you don’t drink water, 100% fruit juice is a great option that is low in calories and is great for you. Also, a glass of milk a day will help keep your bones and muscles strong and healthy.