Why Nose Filler Treatments Are the Preferred Way to Get the Look You Want



Your nose is a very prominent feature on your face. There might be something a little wrong with your nose that bothers you such as a bump near the top or an odd curvature. You could go in for a surgical nose job, also called rhinoplasty, although that is a big commitment. Alternately, you could opt for nose filler injections. Here is why nose filler treatments are the preferred way of getting the look you want in Singapore.

Dermal-Fillers-Nose-Earlobe-shaping_2Changes Can Be Very Small and Nuanced

One of the key advantages when a professional in Singapore is using nose fillers is that the changes can be very small and nuanced. The filler can be used in any volume necessary from a few drops to much more. The injections can be spread all across the nose or centralised in one place. This gives the professional control that is not possible with other rhinoplasty techniques.

nose_fillerThe Final Appearance Is Very Natural

Something about surgical procedures and implants is that they often change your nose in a very dramatic way. The final results after the surgeries can sometimes look unnatural or harsh. The appearance of nose fillers in Singapore when the treatment is done is very natural. The filler conforms organically to your skin and cartilage so that it looks like your real nose instead of a graft pushing against your skin.

nose-fillers-singapore-renewal-aesthetics-and-hair-clinicFillers Are Temporary

Surgical methods of changing the shape of your nose are permanent for the most part. Nose fillers are temporary in Singapore. They will eventually go away after a year or more if you want them to. This makes it possible to revert to your old nose or even try something different during the next treatment.

maxresdefault (2)No Downtime Afterwards

The reality is that surgical rhinoplasty techniques require extensive bandaging and recovery. You will have to wear bandages and deal with bruising for a long time. This can be a hassle in your life. Nose fillers allow you to leave the medical aesthetics clinic the same day. You can go right back to what you were doing with minimal bruising and swelling that will fade in days.

nose_fillers_dr_civas.350pxSee Results Very Quickly

Surgical changes to your nose take a good amount time. Surgeons often have to go back and do follow-up procedures to refine your nose. You might have to wait a year until you finally have the nose you want. You might be wearing bandages that entire time in Singapore. Nose fillers act much more quickly. You can have the nose you desire in just a few weeks.

m5_04-314x300Heavy Anaesthesia Is Not Necessary

One last difference is that surgical procedures to change your nose in Singapore require heavy anaesthesia in most cases. This puts your health at risk. You want to avoid that at all costs. Getting a nose filler treatment does not require heavy anaesthesia. You will be awake and comfortable for the entire treatment.

Think carefully about all your options if you want to do something to change your nose. Surgical methods might be permanent but they also come with large risks and the potential to not do what you want. Nose filler treatments are the preferred option for changing your appearance for a good reason.